Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Database of North America’s phone numbers


This site provides the information on telephone numbers of the USA and Canada. You will be able to determine the state and district, which any phone number belongs to.

It is also possible to search for a number by full name. This function is very useful if you are looking for classmates or just have lost the phone number of a familiar person.

All information on the site is taken from public sources and is intended for informational purpose only.

This site provides an opportunity to comment on the phone numbers of USA and Canada. The number of telephone fakers grows every year. You can view the comments on the required phone number or leave your own comment which will help other people not to fall for fraudsters’ tricks later.

You can also leave positive comments on any numbers. You can place the advertisement to attract new customers for your business as well. You can also leave your personal contacts for public presentation, thus it will be a personal page.

It is planned to establish a free SMS messaging service to numbers of the United States and Canada.

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Last comments

STEPHANIE [ 12/03/2018 ]

This is an IRS scam

Lucy [ 12/03/2018 ]

This guy mentioned that he was David, representing Publishers Clearing House... & I simply said, Goodbye David!!!

melissa barnhardt [ 12/03/2018 ]

sure Russia didn't have any involvement in our election .Thanks Trump.

Heeralal meena [ 12/03/2018 ]


JoJo BO [ 12/03/2018 ]

Caller rang to say about 'BT Internet' ?scam.
Didn't take bait

DB5 [ 12/03/2018 ]

A call from "Microsoft", woman with Indian accent. Yeah, right. Scammers.

Federico [ 12/03/2018 ]

Number 323-835-5575 called and kept quiet when I answered the phone.

Federico [ 12/03/2018 ]

I reported the caller from 323-835-5575 for not responding when I answered.the phone. This site moderator chose not to post my report. Probably the word "p##v#rt" is not allowed. Ohh well!!

Federico [ 12/03/2018 ]

Number 323-835-5575 called and kept quiet with heavy breathing. Most likely some pervert.

Pat Underwood [ 12/03/2018 ]

I think I was scammed from this number can you please help me

Mistress Stiles [ 11/03/2018 ]

Made an appointment with me and was a no call no show. So wasted My valuable time. Or is playing games.

Anonymous [ 11/03/2018 ]

Appears as the number to call for a fake virus alert that locks the browser to it.My guess, its a number that auto bills you big $$$ if you call it. A minuscule fraction of those fooled makes them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Laryssa [ 11/03/2018 ]


Max [ 11/03/2018 ]

This caller is a drunken RAT.

manoj saim [ 11/03/2018 ]