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Telephone Area 250. .

Phone numbers of the state British Columbia, Canada
Prefix: +1250
This prefix is distributed within the state British Columbia, Canada
The largest city in the region is Grassy Plains
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-250-...-.... British Columbia, Canada Grassy Plains.

Phone numbers +1-250-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Revelstoke, BC+1-250200-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250201-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250202-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250203-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250204-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250205-SSSS
Port Alberni, BC+1-250206-SSSS
Courtenay, BC+1-250207-SSSS
Victoria, BC+1-250208-SSSS
Port Alice, BC+1-250209-SSSS
Chemainus, BC+1-250210-SSSS
Kelowna, BC+1-250212-SSSS
Victoria, BC+1-250213-SSSS
Kamloops, BC+1-250214-SSSS
Kelowna, BC+1-250215-SSSS
Victoria, BC+1-250216-SSSS
Victoria, BC+1-250217-SSSS
Courtenay, BC+1-250218-SSSS
Dawson Creek, BC+1-250219-SSSS
Victoria, BC+1-250220-SSSS
Ganges, BC+1-250221-SSSS
Gulf Islands, BC+1-250222-SSSS
Boswell, BC+1-250223-SSSS
Riondel, BC+1-250225-SSSS
Vallican, BC+1-250226-SSSS
Crawford Bay, BC+1-250227-SSSS
Parksville, BC+1-250228-SSSS
Balfour, BC+1-250229-SSSS
Port Hardy, BC+1-250230-SSSS
Trail, BC+1-250231-SSSS
Toad River, BC+1-250232-SSSS
Fort Erie, BC+1-250233-SSSS
Iskut, BC+1-250234-SSSS
Telkwa, BC+1-250235-SSSS
Baie Dufebvre, BC+1-250237-SSSS
Gold Bridge, BC+1-250238-SSSS
Good Hope Lake, BC+1-250239-SSSS
Parksville, BC+1-250240-SSSS
Vernon, BC+1-250241-SSSS
Tumbler Ridge, BC+1-250242-SSSS
Beaver Valley, BC+1-250243-SSSS
Lantzville, BC+1-250244-SSSS
Ladysmith, BC+1-250245-SSSS
Chemainus, BC+1-250246-SSSS
Gabriola Island, BC+1-250247-SSSS
Parksville, BC+1-250248-SSSS
Bouchie Lake, BC+1-250249-SSSS
Burns Lake, BC+1-250251-SSSS
Duncan, BC+1-250252-SSSS
Creston, BC+1-250254-SSSS
Bouchie Lake, BC+1-250255-SSSS
Lillooet, BC+1-250256-SSSS
Kelowna, BC+1-250258-SSSS
Shalalth, BC+1-250259-SSSS
Vernon, BC+1-250260-SSSS
Fort St John, BC+1-250261-SSSS
Fort St John, BC+1-250262-SSSS
Fort St John, BC+1-250263-SSSS
Fort St John, BC+1-250264-SSSS
Nakusp, BC+1-250265-SSSS
Ucluelet, BC+1-250266-SSSS
150 Mile House, BC+1-250267-SSSS
Lantzville, BC+1-250268-SSSS
Fauquier, BC+1-250269-SSSS
Invermere, BC+1-250270-SSSS
Fort St John, BC+1-250271-SSSS
Golden, BC+1-250272-SSSS
Penticton, BC+1-250274-SSSS
Vernon, BC+1-250275-SSSS
Penticton, BC+1-250276-SSSS
Prince George, BC+1-250277-SSSS
Fernie, BC+1-250278-SSSS
Kitimat, BC+1-250279-SSSS
Merritt, BC+1-250280-SSSS
Woss Lake, BC+1-250281-SSSS
Sayward, BC+1-250282-SSSS
Gold River, BC+1-250283-SSSS
Port Alice, BC+1-250284-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250285-SSSS
Campbell River, BC+1-250286-SSSS


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