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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 308. .

Phone numbers of the state Nebraska
Prefix: +1308
This prefix is distributed within the state Nebraska
The largest city in the region is Grand Island
Time Zone: Central / Mountain
Winter time: UTC-6 / UTC-7
Summer time: UTC-5 / UTC-6
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-308-...-.... Nebraska Grand Island.

Phone numbers +1-308-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessWheelerEricson, NE+1-308201-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessValleyArcadia, NE+1-308202-SSSS
Charter Fiberlink - NebraskaSidney, NE+1-308203-SSSS
N.e. Colorado CellularDawesChadron, NE+1-308207-SSSS
Nextel CommunicationsHallGrand Island, NE+1-308210-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCusterWesterville, NE+1-308212-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCusterSargent, NE+1-308214-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCusterSargent, NE+1-308215-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessBuffaloShelton, NE+1-308216-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsDawsonLexington, NE+1-308217-SSSS
Windstream Communications Of The Midewest IncGrand Island, NE+1-308218-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessValleyNorth Loup, NE+1-308219-SSSS
United Tel Co Of The West - Ne DBA Centurylink-neScotts BluffScottsbluff, NE+1-308220-SSSS
AT&T LocalLincolnNorth Platte, NE+1-308221-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessBuffaloMiller, NE+1-308222-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessGreeleyGreeley, NE+1-308223-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.BuffaloKearney, NE+1-308224-SSSS
N.e. Colorado CellularScotts BluffScottsbluff, NE+1-308225-SSSS
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.HowardDannebrog, NE+1-308226-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.HallGrand Island, NE+1-308227-SSSS
Elsie CommunicationsPerkinsElsie, NE+1-308228-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsScotts BluffLyman, NE+1-308229-SSSS
N.e. Colorado CellularKimballKimball, NE+1-308230-SSSS
Pinpoint Communications-neBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308231-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsSheridanHay Springs, NE+1-308232-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308233-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308234-SSSS
United Tel Co Of The West - Ne DBA Centurylink-neKimballKimball, NE+1-308235-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308236-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308237-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308238-SSSS
Consolidated Telephone Co.KeithPaxton, NE+1-308239-SSSS
N.e. Colorado CellularBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308240-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessKimballKimball, NE+1-308241-SSSS
Rt CommunicationsKimballBushnell, NE+1-308244-SSSS
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.ValleyNorth Loup, NE+1-308245-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsGreeleyWolbach, NE+1-308246-SSSS
United Tel Co Of The West - Ne DBA Centurylink-neScotts BluffMorrill, NE+1-308247-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCheyenneSidney, NE+1-308249-SSSS
N.e. Colorado CellularCheyenneSidney, NE+1-308250-SSSS
Qwest CorporationCheyenneSidney, NE+1-308254-SSSS
Qwest CorporationCheyenneSidney, NE+1-308255-SSSS
AT&T LocalHallGrand Island, NE+1-308258-SSSS
Qwest CorporationMorrillBridgeport, NE+1-308262-SSSS
Glenwood Telephone Membership Corp.PhelpsFunk, NE+1-308263-SSSS
Arapahoe Telephone Co.FurnasHendley, NE+1-308265-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeFurnasBeaver City, NE+1-308268-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeFranklinNaponee, NE+1-308269-SSSS
Charter Fiberlink - NebraskaGering, NE+1-308275-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsHitchcockStratton, NE+1-308276-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsHitchcockCulbertson, NE+1-308278-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessMorrillBridgeport, NE+1-308279-SSSS
United States CellularKeithOgallala, NE+1-308280-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsSheridanGordon, NE+1-308282-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKeithOgallala, NE+1-308284-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsHitchcockPalisade, NE+1-308285-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsHayesHayes Center, NE+1-308286-SSSS
Arapahoe Telephone Co.KeithBrule, NE+1-308287-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessKeithOgallala, NE+1-308289-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308293-SSSS
Hartman Telephone ExchangeDundyHaigler, NE+1-308297-SSSS
Mobius Communications CompanyAlliance, NE+1-308313-SSSS
United States CellularDawsonLexington, NE+1-308320-SSSS
Qwest CorporationDawsonLexington, NE+1-308324-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessDawsonLexington, NE+1-308325-SSSS
Consolidated Telephone Co.PerkinsMadrid, NE+1-308326-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsSheridanRushville, NE+1-308327-SSSS
Red WillowCulbertson, NE+1-308328-SSSS
Great Plains CommunicationsHitchcockTrenton, NE+1-308334-SSSS
Peetz Cooperative Telephone Co.CheyenneSidney, NE+1-308335-SSSS
Qwest CorporationHowardFarwell, NE+1-308336-SSSS
Qwest CorporationPhelpsHoldrege, NE+1-308337-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeBuffaloKearney, NE+1-308338-SSSS
Ymax Communications Corp.Grand Island, NE+1-308339-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessRed WillowMc Cook, NE+1-308340-SSSS
Pinpoint Communications-neRed WillowMc Cook, NE+1-308344-SSSS
Qwest CorporationRed WillowMc Cook, NE+1-308345-SSSS
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.GarfieldBurwell, NE+1-308346-SSSS
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.HoltAmelia, NE+1-308348-SSSS
Citizens Telecom Of Ne LLC DBA Frontier Com Of NeFurnasWilsonville, NE+1-308349-SSSS


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