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Telephone Area 450. .

Phone numbers of the state Quebec, Canada
Prefix: +1450
This prefix is distributed within the state Quebec, Canada
The largest city in the region is Farnham
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-450-...-.... Quebec, Canada Farnham.

Phone numbers +1-450-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Les Cedres, QC+1-450200-SSSS
Chateauguay, QC+1-450201-SSSS
Hudson, QC+1-450202-SSSS
Bedford, QC+1-450203-SSSS
Granby, QC+1-450204-SSSS
Saint Anne Des Plaines, QC+1-450205-SSSS
Rigaud, QC+1-450206-SSSS
Lachute, QC+1-450207-SSSS
Saint Clet, QC+1-450208-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450209-SSSS
Saint Jean, QC+1-450210-SSSS
Saint Martine, QC+1-450212-SSSS
Saint Denis, QC+1-450213-SSSS
Saint Calixte De Kilkenny, QC+1-450214-SSSS
Saint Lin, QC+1-450215-SSSS
Saint Polycarpe, QC+1-450216-SSSS
Coteau Landing, QC+1-450217-SSSS
Vaudreuil, QC+1-450218-SSSS
Valleyfield, QC+1-450219-SSSS
Saint Alphonse De Rodriguez, QC+1-450220-SSSS
Saint Felix De Valois, QC+1-450221-SSSS
Saint Calixte De Kilkenny, QC+1-450222-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450223-SSSS
Shawbridge, QC+1-450224-SSSS
Beauharnois, QC+1-450225-SSSS
Morin Heights, QC+1-450226-SSSS
Saint Sauveur, QC+1-450227-SSSS
Saint Marguerite, QC+1-450228-SSSS
Saint Adele, QC+1-450229-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450230-SSSS
Acton Vale, QC+1-450236-SSSS
Howick, QC+1-450237-SSSS
Saint Sauveur, QC+1-450240-SSSS
Knowlton, QC+1-450242-SSSS
Knowlton, QC+1-450243-SSSS
Venise En Quebec, QC+1-450244-SSSS
Napierville, QC+1-450245-SSSS
Lacolle, QC+1-450246-SSSS
Hemmingford, QC+1-450247-SSSS
Bedford, QC+1-450248-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450250-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450251-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450252-SSSS
Saint Thomas D Aquin, QC+1-450253-SSSS
Mirabel Ste Scholastique, QC+1-450258-SSSS
Cowansville, QC+1-450260-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450261-SSSS
Cowansville, QC+1-450263-SSSS
Huntingdon, QC+1-450264-SSSS
Saint Polycarpe, QC+1-450265-SSSS
Cowansville, QC+1-450266-SSSS
Coteau Landing, QC+1-450267-SSSS
Beauharnois, QC+1-450268-SSSS
Riviere Beaudette, QC+1-450269-SSSS
Beauharnois, QC+1-450270-SSSS
Saint Jerome, QC+1-450275-SSSS
Saint Hyacinthe, QC+1-450278-SSSS
Saint Therese, QC+1-450280-SSSS
Beloeil, QC+1-450281-SSSS
Valleyfield, QC+1-450288-SSSS
Saint Blaise, QC+1-450291-SSSS
Mansonville, QC+1-450292-SSSS
Farnham, QC+1-450293-SSSS
Clarenceville, QC+1-450294-SSSS
Dunham, QC+1-450295-SSSS
Notre Dame De Stanbridge, QC+1-450296-SSSS
Eastman, QC+1-450297-SSSS
Frelighsburg, QC+1-450298-SSSS
Henryville, QC+1-450299-SSSS
Coteau Du Lac, QC+1-450308-SSSS
Longueuil, QC+1-450321-SSSS
Granby, QC+1-450330-SSSS
Saint Sauveur, QC+1-450336-SSSS
Farnham, QC+1-450337-SSSS
Saint Sauveur, QC+1-450340-SSSS
Saint Lambert, QC+1-450341-SSSS
Saint Jean, QC+1-450346-SSSS
Saint Jean, QC+1-450347-SSSS
Saint Jean, QC+1-450348-SSSS
Saint Jean, QC+1-450349-SSSS


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