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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 541. Page 7.

Phone numbers of the state Oregon
Prefix: +1541
This prefix is distributed within the state Oregon
The largest city in the region is Eugene
Time Zone: Mountain / Pacific
Winter time: UTC-7 / UTC-8
Summer time: UTC-6 / UTC-7
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-541-...-.... Oregon Eugene.

Phone numbers +1-541-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Centurytel Of Oregon DBA CenturylinkKlamathMerrill, OR+1-541798-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Culver, OR+1-541803-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Drain, OR+1-541804-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnionLa Grande, OR+1-541805-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - OregonHood RiverHood River, OR+1-541806-SSSS
Charter Fiberlink Or-ccviiCoos Bay, OR+1-541808-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - OregonKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541810-SSSS
Qwest CorporationLinnAlbany, OR+1-541812-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.CurryBrookings, OR+1-541813-SSSS
Usa Mobility WirelessJacksonMedford, OR+1-541814-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - OregonDeschutesBend, OR+1-541815-SSSS
Qwest CorporationDouglasRoseburg, OR+1-541817-SSSS
Comcast Phone Of OregonSweet Home, OR+1-541818-SSSS
Oregon Telephone Corp.GrantPrairie City, OR+1-541820-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - OregonJacksonMedford, OR+1-541821-SSSS
Qwest CorporationLaneBlue River, OR+1-541822-SSSS
Qwest CorporationMalheurOntario, OR+1-541823-SSSS
WantelCoquille, OR+1-541824-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasDays Creek, OR+1-541825-SSSS
United Telephone-northwest-or DBA CenturylinkJacksonWhite City, OR+1-541826-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Chiloquin, OR+1-541827-SSSS
Asotin Telephone Co.WallowaWallowa, OR+1-541828-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.BentonCorvallis, OR+1-541829-SSSS
United Telephone-northwest-or DBA CenturylinkJacksonWhite City, OR+1-541830-SSSS
United Telephone-northwest-or DBA CenturylinkJacksonWhite City, OR+1-541831-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasGlendale, OR+1-541832-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Veneta, OR+1-541833-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Pine Grove, OR+1-541834-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Chiloquin, OR+1-541835-SSSS
Centurytel Of Oregon DBA CenturylinkDouglasDrain, OR+1-541836-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasAzalea, OR+1-541837-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasCanyonville, OR+1-541839-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCSJacksonMedford, OR+1-541840-SSSS
Advanced Telcom GroupJacksonMedford, OR+1-541842-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Eugene, OR+1-541844-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Merrill, OR+1-541845-SSSS
Frontier Communications NorthwestJosephineWilliams, OR+1-541846-SSSS
Monroe Telephone Co.BentonMonroe, OR+1-541847-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.DeschutesBend, OR+1-541848-SSSS
Centurytel Of OregonDouglasYoncalla, OR+1-541849-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541850-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541851-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessEugene, OR+1-541852-SSSS
Cascade UtilitiesUnionNorth Powder, OR+1-541853-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Blue River, OR+1-541854-SSSS
Qwest CorporationJacksonGold Hill, OR+1-541855-SSSS
Cascade UtilitiesBakerHaines, OR+1-541856-SSSS
Qwest CorporationJacksonMedford, OR+1-541857-SSSS
Qwest CorporationJacksonMedford, OR+1-541858-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Chiloquin, OR+1-541859-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasMyrtle Creek, OR+1-541860-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.UmatillaMilton Freewater, OR+1-541861-SSSS
Frontier Communications NorthwestJosephineGrants Pass, OR+1-541862-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasMyrtle Creek, OR+1-541863-SSSS
Qwest CorporationJacksonMedford, OR+1-541864-SSSS
United Telephone-northwest-or DBA CenturylinkJacksonButte Falls, OR+1-541865-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrJosephineWolf Creek, OR+1-541866-SSSS
Pioneer Telephone CooperativeLincolnSouth Beach, OR+1-541867-SSSS
Integra Telecom Of OregonLaneEugene, OR+1-541868-SSSS
Centurytel Of Oregon DBA CenturylinkBakerHuntington, OR+1-541869-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.LaneEugene, OR+1-541870-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Sprague River, OR+1-541871-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Glide, OR+1-541872-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.Seneca, OR+1-541873-SSSS
Citizens Telecomm Co Of Or DBA Frontier Comm Of OrDouglasRiddle, OR+1-541874-SSSS
Pioneer Telephone CooperativeLincolnEddyville, OR+1-541875-SSSS
360networks (usa) Inc.La Pine, OR+1-541876-SSSS
Centurytel Of Oregon DBA CenturylinkBakerRichland, OR+1-541877-SSSS
United Telephone-northwest-or DBA CenturylinkJacksonShady Cove, OR+1-541878-SSSS
Charter Fiberlink Or-ccviiWhite City, OR+1-541879-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541880-SSSS
Qwest CorporationMalheurOntario, OR+1-541881-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541882-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541883-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541884-SSSS
Qwest CorporationKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541885-SSSS
Frontier Communications NorthwestWallowaWallowa, OR+1-541886-SSSS
Cal-ore CommunicationsKlamathKlamath Falls, OR+1-541887-SSSS


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