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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 573. .

Phone numbers of the state Missouri
Prefix: +1573
This prefix is distributed within the state Missouri
The largest city in the region is Columbia
Time Zone: Central
Winter time: UTC-6
Summer time: UTC-5
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-573-...-.... Missouri Columbia.

Phone numbers +1-573-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
T-mobile UsaCape GirardeauCape Girardeau, MO+1-573200-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILPhelpsRolla, MO+1-573201-SSSS
T-mobile UsaPhelpsRolla, MO+1-573202-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsDunklinSenath, MO+1-573203-SSSS
Southwestern BellCape GirardeauJackson, MO+1-573204-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCrawfordCuba, MO+1-573205-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsFranklinBeaufort, MO+1-573206-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsMorganGravois Mills, MO+1-573207-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsBollingerMarble Hill, MO+1-573208-SSSS
Mark Twain Communications CompanyMarionMaywood, MO+1-573209-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - MissouriWashingtonPotosi, MO+1-573210-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessScottOran, MO+1-573212-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsPikeBowling Green, MO+1-573213-SSSS
Centurytel Of Missouri LLC (cntl) DBA CenturylinkBooneColumbia, MO+1-573214-SSSS
Mark Twain Communications CompanyLewisLewistown, MO+1-573215-SSSS
Nextel CommunicationsCamdenLake Ozark, MO+1-573216-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsDunklinCampbell, MO+1-573217-SSSS
Southwestern BellSaint FrancoisFarmington, MO+1-573218-SSSS
Nextel CommunicationsBooneColumbia, MO+1-573219-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCallawayFulton, MO+1-573220-SSSS
Southwestern BellMarionHannibal, MO+1-573221-SSSS
Southwestern BellStoddardPuxico, MO+1-573222-SSSS
Windstream MissouriWaynePiedmont, MO+1-573223-SSSS
Windstream MissouriWayneGreenville, MO+1-573224-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCape GirardeauCape Girardeau, MO+1-573225-SSSS
Spectra Communications Group LLC DBA CenturylinkShannonEminence, MO+1-573226-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsNew MadridLilbourn, MO+1-573227-SSSS
United States Cellular Corp. - MissouriBooneColumbia, MO+1-573228-SSSS
Southwestern BellOsageMeta, MO+1-573229-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.ColeJefferson City, MO+1-573230-SSSS
Southwestern BellMarionHannibal, MO+1-573231-SSSS
Embarq Missouri - Mo DBA CenturylinkPulaskiWaynesville, MO+1-573232-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessMississippiCharleston, MO+1-573233-SSSS
Centurytel Of Missouri LLC (cntl) DBA CenturylinkBooneColumbia, MO+1-573234-SSSS
Kingdom Telephone CompanyMontgomeryRhineland, MO+1-573236-SSSS
Fidelity Telephone Co.FranklinNew Haven, MO+1-573237-SSSS
Southwestern BellBollingerMarble Hill, MO+1-573238-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILBooneColumbia, MO+1-573239-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsRallsCenter, MO+1-573240-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCrawfordCuba, MO+1-573241-SSSS
Southwestern BellPikeClarksville, MO+1-573242-SSSS
Southwestern BellCape GirardeauJackson, MO+1-573243-SSSS
Steelville Telephone ExchangeIronViburnum, MO+1-573244-SSSS
Centurytel Missouri LLC (southwest)dba CenturylinkCrawfordLeasburg, MO+1-573245-SSSS
Southwestern BellDunklinCampbell, MO+1-573246-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILDentSalem, MO+1-573247-SSSS
Southwestern BellMarionHannibal, MO+1-573248-SSSS
Farber Telephone Co.AudrainFarber, MO+1-573249-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsPikeClarksville, MO+1-573250-SSSS
Spectra Communications Group LLC DBA CenturylinkCarterVan Buren, MO+1-573251-SSSS
Kingdom Telephone CompanyMontgomeryNew Florence, MO+1-573252-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILAudrainMexico, MO+1-573253-SSSS
Kingdom Telephone CompanyCallawayWilliamsburg, MO+1-573254-SSSS
Windstream MissouriRipleyGatewood, MO+1-573255-SSSS
Centurytel Of Missouri LLC (cntl) DBA CenturylinkBooneColumbia, MO+1-573256-SSSS
Nextel CommunicationsColeJefferson City, MO+1-573257-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILScottSikeston, MO+1-573258-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCrawfordCuba, MO+1-573259-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsCamdenClimax Springs, MO+1-573260-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessPhelpsSaint James, MO+1-573261-SSSS
Southwestern BellScottOran, MO+1-573262-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILPhelpsSaint James, MO+1-573263-SSSS
Southwestern BellScottScott City, MO+1-573264-SSSS
Centurytel Missouri LLC (southwest)dba CenturylinkPhelpsSaint James, MO+1-573265-SSSS
Southwestern BellCape GirardeauOak Ridge, MO+1-573266-SSSS
Southwestern BellRallsCenter, MO+1-573267-SSSS
Sprint Spectrum L.p.BooneColumbia, MO+1-573268-SSSS
Spectra Communications Group LLC DBA CenturylinkIronBelleview, MO+1-573269-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCape GirardeauCape Girardeau, MO+1-573270-SSSS
Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessCape GirardeauCape Girardeau, MO+1-573271-SSSS
American Messaging (am)ScottSikeston, MO+1-573272-SSSS
American Messaging (am)CallawayFulton, MO+1-573274-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCamdenLake Ozark, MO+1-573275-SSSS
Southwestern BellDunklinMalden, MO+1-573276-SSSS
American Messaging (am)MadisonFredericktown, MO+1-573277-SSSS
American Messaging (am)Cape GirardeauCape Girardeau, MO+1-573278-SSSS
American Messaging (am)PerryPerryville, MO+1-573279-SSSS
New Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCamdenLake Ozark, MO+1-573280-SSSS
Level 3 CommunicationsDunklinMalden, MO+1-573281-SSSS
American Messaging (am)ButlerPoplar Bluff, MO+1-573282-SSSS


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Calls everyday and don't talk. I've read that they hope you to call back and then pay long heavy long distance charges.


IRS scam. When I started asking them questions they played stupid and pretended not to hear me.