Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Telephone Area 705. .

Phone numbers of the state Ontario, Canada
Prefix: +1705
This prefix is distributed within the state Ontario, Canada
The largest city in the region is Iron Bridge
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-705-...-.... Ontario, Canada Iron Bridge.

Phone numbers +1-705-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Bracebridge, ON+1-705205-SSSS
Sudbury, ON+1-705222-SSSS
North Bay, ON+1-705223-SSSS
Huntsville, ON+1-705224-SSSS
Algoma Mills, ON+1-705227-SSSS
Udora, ON+1-705228-SSSS
Iroquois Falls Nt, ON+1-705232-SSSS
Sultan, ON+1-705233-SSSS
Missanabie, ON+1-705234-SSSS
South Porcupine, ON+1-705235-SSSS
Ramore, ON+1-705236-SSSS
Temagami, ON+1-705237-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705238-SSSS
Biscotasing, ON+1-705239-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705241-SSSS
Saint Joseph Island, ON+1-705246-SSSS
Christna Lake, ON+1-705247-SSSS
Echo Bay, ON+1-705248-SSSS
Alliston, ON+1-705250-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705251-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705252-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705253-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705254-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705255-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705256-SSSS
Sault Ste Marie, ON+1-705257-SSSS
Iroquois Falls Ap, ON+1-705258-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705259-SSSS
Elliot Lake, ON+1-705261-SSSS
Timmins, ON+1-705262-SSSS
Westree, ON+1-705263-SSSS
Timmins, ON+1-705264-SSSS
Timmins, ON+1-705266-SSSS
Timmins, ON+1-705267-SSSS
Timmins, ON+1-705268-SSSS
Cochrane, ON+1-705271-SSSS
Cochrane, ON+1-705272-SSSS
Matheson, ON+1-705273-SSSS
Kashechewan, ON+1-705275-SSSS
Bethany, ON+1-705277-SSSS
Fort Albany, ON+1-705278-SSSS
Gore Bay, ON+1-705282-SSSS
Silverwater, ON+1-705283-SSSS
Whitefish Falls, ON+1-705285-SSSS
Minden, ON+1-705286-SSSS
Killarney, ON+1-705287-SSSS
Lefroy, ON+1-705290-SSSS
Cookstown, ON+1-705291-SSSS
Bridgenorth, ON+1-705292-SSSS
Collingwood, ON+1-705293-SSSS
Stroud, ON+1-705294-SSSS
Keene, ON+1-705295-SSSS
Ramsay, ON+1-705299-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705309-SSSS
Peterborough, ON+1-705312-SSSS
Peterborough, ON+1-705313-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705321-SSSS
Elmvale, ON+1-705322-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705323-SSSS
Lindsay, ON+1-705324-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705325-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705326-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705327-SSSS
Lindsay, ON+1-705328-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705329-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705330-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705331-SSSS
Barrie, ON+1-705333-SSSS
Abitibi Canyon, ON+1-705334-SSSS
Kapuskasing, ON+1-705335-SSSS
Moosonee, ON+1-705336-SSSS
Kapuskasing, ON+1-705337-SSSS
Smooth Rock Falls, ON+1-705338-SSSS
Fauquier, ON+1-705339-SSSS
Lindsay, ON+1-705340-SSSS
Lindsay, ON+1-705341-SSSS
Nobel, ON+1-705342-SSSS
Lindsay, ON+1-705344-SSSS
Orillia, ON+1-705345-SSSS
Parry Sound, ON+1-705346-SSSS


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