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Telephone Area 709. .

Phone numbers of the state Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Prefix: +1709
This prefix is distributed within the state Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
The largest city in the region is Gaultois
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-709-...-.... Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Gaultois.

Phone numbers +1-709-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Westport, NL+1-709224-SSSS
River Of Ponds, NL+1-709225-SSSS
Fresh Water, NL+1-709227-SSSS
Long Harbour, NL+1-709228-SSSS
Harbour Main, NL+1-709229-SSSS
Fresh Water, NL+1-709230-SSSS
Gander, NL+1-709234-SSSS
Gander, NL+1-709235-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709237-SSSS
Witless Bay, NL+1-709238-SSSS
Burlington, NL+1-709239-SSSS
Port Albert, NL+1-709241-SSSS
Cow Head, NL+1-709243-SSSS
Cooksville, NL+1-709244-SSSS
English Harbour East, NL+1-709245-SSSS
Brig Bay, NL+1-709247-SSSS
Hawkes Bay, NL+1-709248-SSSS
Cooks Harbour, NL+1-709249-SSSS
Pacquet, NL+1-709251-SSSS
Burlington, NL+1-709252-SSSS
Fleur De Lys, NL+1-709253-SSSS
Mings Bight, NL+1-709254-SSSS
Nippers Harbour, NL+1-709255-SSSS
Gander, NL+1-709256-SSSS
Botwood, NL+1-709257-SSSS
Bishops Falls, NL+1-709258-SSSS
Campbellton, NL+1-709261-SSSS
Triton, NL+1-709263-SSSS
Beaumont, NL+1-709264-SSSS
Terra Nova, NL+1-709265-SSSS
Fogo, NL+1-709266-SSSS
Little Bay, NL+1-709267-SSSS
King City, NL+1-709268-SSSS
Greenspond, NL+1-709269-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709273-SSSS
Marystown, NL+1-709276-SSSS
Marystown, NL+1-709277-SSSS
Marystown, NL+1-709279-SSSS
Lake Charlotte, NL+1-709280-SSSS
Lake Charlotte, NL+1-709282-SSSS
Lake Charlotte, NL+1-709285-SSSS
Grand Falls, NL+1-709292-SSSS
Grand Falls, NL+1-709293-SSSS
Grey River, NL+1-709296-SSSS
Wild Cove, NL+1-709329-SSSS
Witless Bay, NL+1-709334-SSSS
Pouch Cove, NL+1-709335-SSSS
Saint Brides, NL+1-709337-SSSS
Branch, NL+1-709338-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709341-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709351-SSSS
Monkstown, NL+1-709356-SSSS
Fermeuse, NL+1-709363-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709364-SSSS
Saint Johns, NL+1-709368-SSSS
Grimsby, NL+1-709423-SSSS
Gander, NL+1-709424-SSSS
Clarenville, NL+1-709426-SSSS
Clarenville, NL+1-709427-SSSS
Petit Forte, NL+1-709428-SSSS
Clarenville, NL+1-709429-SSSS
Cape Broyle, NL+1-709432-SSSS
Torbay, NL+1-709437-SSSS
Trepassey, NL+1-709438-SSSS
Bellevue, NL+1-709442-SSSS
Rushoon, NL+1-709443-SSSS
Newmans Cove, NL+1-709445-SSSS
Kings Cove, NL+1-709447-SSSS
Saint Anthony, NL+1-709449-SSSS
Saint Anthony, NL+1-709450-SSSS
Trout River, NL+1-709451-SSSS
Raleigh, NL+1-709452-SSSS
Woody Point, NL+1-709453-SSSS
Saint Anthony, NL+1-709454-SSSS
Hampden, NL+1-709455-SSSS
Flowers Cove, NL+1-709456-SSSS
Roddickton, NL+1-709457-SSSS
Rocky Harbour, NL+1-709458-SSSS
Jacksons Arm, NL+1-709459-SSSS
Chance Cove, NL+1-709460-SSSS


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Do not answer this number. They want to know too many things as well as being rude.I refused to answer questions and kept telling the person if I could take a message. He replied mind your own business.

Afatab Alam



18854327432- I called this phone number to get tech support for NetGear wireless router . A paid tech support before. Today I tried to call again, but kept on getting message saying Please Call other time. Not sure what happened.