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Telephone Area 819. .

Phone numbers of the state Quebec, Canada
Prefix: +1819
This prefix is distributed within the state Quebec, Canada
The largest city in the region is Gentilly
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-819-...-.... Quebec, Canada Gentilly.

Phone numbers +1-819-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Mont Laurier, QC+1-819203-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819208-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819210-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819212-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819213-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819216-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819217-SSSS
Charette, QC+1-819221-SSSS
Saint Angele Laval, QC+1-819222-SSSS
Saint Wenceslas, QC+1-819224-SSSS
Saint Eulalie, QC+1-819225-SSSS
Aston Junction, QC+1-819226-SSSS
Maskinonge, QC+1-819227-SSSS
Louiseville, QC+1-819228-SSSS
Saint Celestin, QC+1-819229-SSSS
Saint Gregor, QC+1-819233-SSSS
Deauville, QC+1-819240-SSSS
Grenville, QC+1-819242-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819243-SSSS
Trois Rivieres, QC+1-819244-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819246-SSSS
Shawinigan, QC+1-819247-SSSS
East Angus, QC+1-819251-SSSS
Inukjuak, QC+1-819254-SSSS
Salluit, QC+1-819255-SSSS
Stoke, QC+1-819258-SSSS
Saint Pierre Les Becquets, QC+1-819263-SSSS
Saint Barnabe, QC+1-819264-SSSS
Saint Alexis Des Monts, QC+1-819265-SSSS
Saint Paulin, QC+1-819268-SSSS
Trois Rivieres, QC+1-819269-SSSS
Val D Or, QC+1-819270-SSSS
La Minerve, QC+1-819274-SSSS
Lannoncatn, QC+1-819275-SSSS
Nominingue, QC+1-819278-SSSS
Noranda, QC+1-819279-SSSS
Val D Or, QC+1-819280-SSSS
Buckingham, QC+1-819281-SSSS
Saint Marie Blandford, QC+1-819283-SSSS
Saint Sylvere, QC+1-819285-SSSS
Fortierville, QC+1-819287-SSSS
Saint Sophie De Levrard, QC+1-819288-SSSS
Saint Monique De Nicolet, QC+1-819289-SSSS
Plessisville, QC+1-819291-SSSS
Deschaillons, QC+1-819292-SSSS
Nicolet, QC+1-819293-SSSS
Becancour, QC+1-819294-SSSS
Champlain, QC+1-819295-SSSS
Yamachiche, QC+1-819296-SSSS
Saint Gertrude, QC+1-819297-SSSS
Gentilly, QC+1-819298-SSSS
Drummondville, QC+1-819314-SSSS
Val D Or, QC+1-819316-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819318-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819319-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819321-SSSS
Val David, QC+1-819322-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819323-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819324-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819325-SSSS
Saint Agathe, QC+1-819326-SSSS
Saint Adolphe D Howard, QC+1-819327-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819328-SSSS
Ottawa, QC+1-819329-SSSS
Umiujaq, QC+1-819331-SSSS
Aylmer, QC+1-819332-SSSS
La Sarre, QC+1-819333-SSSS
Maniwaki, QC+1-819334-SSSS
Chelsea, QC+1-819335-SSSS
Notre Dame Du Bon Conseil, QC+1-819336-SSSS
Kangirsuk, QC+1-819337-SSSS
Kangirsuk, QC+1-819338-SSSS
La Sarre, QC+1-819339-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819340-SSSS
Ham Nord, QC+1-819344-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819345-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819346-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819347-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819348-SSSS
Sherbrooke, QC+1-819349-SSSS


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