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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 902. .

Phone numbers of the state Nova Scotia, Canada
Prefix: +1902
This prefix is distributed within the state Nova Scotia, Canada
The largest city in the region is Georgetown
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-902-...-.... Nova Scotia, Canada Georgetown.

Phone numbers +1-902-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Alberton, PE+1-902206-SSSS
Souris, PE+1-902208-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902209-SSSS
Bridgewater, NS+1-902212-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902221-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902222-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902223-SSSS
Cheticamp, NS+1-902224-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902225-SSSS
Arichat, NS+1-902226-SSSS
Port Hawkesbury Bay, NS+1-902227-SSSS
Blandford, NS+1-902228-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902229-SSSS
Collingwood, NS+1-902230-SSSS
Alberton, PE+1-902231-SSSS
Monastery, NS+1-902232-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902233-SSSS
Monastery, NS+1-902234-SSSS
Margaree Harbor, NS+1-902235-SSSS
Shubenacadie, NS+1-902236-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902240-SSSS
Newcastle, NS+1-902241-SSSS
Kingston, NS+1-902242-SSSS
Pugwash, NS+1-902243-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902244-SSSS
Digby, NS+1-902245-SSSS
Thorburn, NS+1-902246-SSSS
Digby, NS+1-902247-SSSS
Margaree Forks, NS+1-902248-SSSS
Digby, NS+1-902249-SSSS
Digby, NS+1-902250-SSSS
River Herbert, NS+1-902251-SSSS
Sackville, NS+1-902252-SSSS
Brooklyn, NS+1-902253-SSSS
Parrsboro, NS+1-902254-SSSS
East Bay, NS+1-902255-SSSS
Mount Uniacke, NS+1-902256-SSSS
Wallace, NS+1-902257-SSSS
Inverness, NS+1-902258-SSSS
Elmsdale, NS+1-902259-SSSS
Saulnierville, NS+1-902260-SSSS
Maitland, NS+1-902261-SSSS
Saltsprings, NS+1-902262-SSSS
Cheticamp, NS+1-902264-SSSS
Shelburne, NS+1-902265-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902266-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902268-SSSS
Boularderie, NS+1-902269-SSSS
Sydney, NS+1-902270-SSSS
New Waterford, NS+1-902271-SSSS
Hopewell, NS+1-902272-SSSS
Chester, NS+1-902273-SSSS
Maccan, NS+1-902274-SSSS
Chester, NS+1-902275-SSSS
Glace Bay, NS+1-902276-SSSS
Chester, NS+1-902277-SSSS
Chester, NS+1-902279-SSSS
Inverness, NS+1-902280-SSSS
Georgetown, PE+1-902283-SSSS
Ingonish, NS+1-902285-SSSS
Baddeck, NS+1-902294-SSSS
Baddeck, NS+1-902295-SSSS
Baddeck, NS+1-902296-SSSS
Bridgetown, NS+1-902312-SSSS
Montague, PE+1-902313-SSSS
Charlottetown, PE+1-902314-SSSS
Summerside, PE+1-902315-SSSS
Country Harbour, NS+1-902328-SSSS
New Glasgow, NS+1-902331-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902334-SSSS
Neils Harbour, NS+1-902336-SSSS
Aylesford, NS+1-902341-SSSS
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS+1-902342-SSSS
Halifax, NS+1-902344-SSSS
Louisdale, NS+1-902345-SSSS
Ketch Harbour, NS+1-902346-SSSS
Ecum Secum, NS+1-902347-SSSS
Port Greville, NS+1-902348-SSSS
Liverpool, NS+1-902350-SSSS
River John, NS+1-902351-SSSS


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