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Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-319277. .

Phone prefix: +1319277
This prefix is distributed within the state Iowa
The largest city within this prefix is Cedar Falls, IA
District: Black Hawk
The largest organization: Qwest Corporation
Phone numbers of the state Iowa
Time Zone: Central
Winter time: UTC-6
Summer time: UTC-5
The largest city within the prefix of +1-319277.... numbers is shown below Cedar Falls, IA.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-319-277-YYYY

Robert Frost+13192770004
Jeremy Sorensen+13192770005
Lynn Meeks+13192770007
Ellen & Sigmund Hillmer+13192770011
Scottie H. White+13192770019
Benjamin & Sarah Webb+13192770024
Milo E. & Carol E. Morris+13192770034
Connie Grauerholz+13192770046
Joanne Loonan+13192770055
Alvin & Betty Goettsch+13192770070
D. Hickman+13192770077
C. Leininger+13192770078
K. M Hassman+13192770083
Bob & Cindy Stevenson+13192770086
W. Yang+13192770121
Neil Kruempel+13192770127
Mike & Tammy Schell+13192770128
Robert & Karen Holland+13192770132
Rick & Libby Vanderwall+13192770136
Paul & Jenny Garcia+13192770140
Jon & Paula Schwabe+13192770142
Greg Starbeck+13192770146
Richard & Karen Swanson+13192770159
Dale & Evie Waack+13192770163
J. M McCarthy+13192770167
Annemarie Wrenn+13192770170
T. W Southard+13192770175
James & Mary Egli+13192770181
Gary & Linda Waldon+13192770189
Ida Frey+13192770191
Lester Everts+13192770193
Anthony E. Tony Peters+13192770195
Michael Christie+13192770202
Lee Williams+13192770203
G. L Greco+13192770217
Tekin Damirgi+13192770232
Dan Drum+13192770234
Gene M. Lutz+13192770244
E. Leo+13192770246
Sherman McNeal+13192770260
Keith And Carolyn Macomber+13192770266
John & Brenda Rees+13192770270
L. M Larsen+13192770275
Anna Fremont+13192770278
Larry & Janet Wessels+13192770285
Doug & Jodie Bonwell+13192770292
Steven & Michelle Langenwalter+13192770294
Dennis H. & Jenny Gibbs+13192770297
Joseph & Evelyn Holtz+13192770302
Dan Murphy+13192770304
Timothy M. Cooney+13192770305
Jeff K. Cash+13192770315
Robert Welshons+13192770317
Gene Puetz+13192770319
David Burt+13192770327
Mardy & Lauren Holst+13192770328
Mike Mallaro+13192770329
Marvin Ihnen+13192770330
D. D Gallagher+13192770339
Daniel D. & Linda Rhoades+13192770340
Robert L. & Carol R. Mayfield+13192770361
R. Wedeking+13192770368
Jim Noelting+13192770374
Diane Hansen+13192770383
Carl & Edna Silampa+13192770388
David Heisterkamp+13192770391
Doug Larrabee+13192770393
D. E Ray+13192770395
Kevin & Pam Hall+13192770397
Dan Schofield+13192770400
Selma Broad+13192770401
John R. Miller+13192770407
Burton Burns+13192770408
Bruce Gettman+13192770414
Ronald Catchpool+13192770422
Mark & Lisa Rolinger+13192770425
Chris & Heather Wells+13192770426
D. C Danielsen+13192770433
F. F Jelecevic+13192770438
Dave & Barb Kirkle+13192770440
Dan Heath+13192770446
K. J Davis+13192770449
Keith & Maurine Bierle+13192770450
Susan Denner+13192770452
Keith & Shelly Grant+13192770456
Roger L. Johnson+13192770464
Edith Johnson+13192770467
Dave Bailey+13192770473
Mike Moore+13192770482
C. Young+13192770483
Paul D. Whitson+13192770488
Mike Dowd+13192770489
Kelly & Dave Schoepske+13192770491
Michael & Jeanette Stark+13192770503
Pragna Sengupta+13192770505
William Magee+13192770529
Jim & Vickie Schmitz+13192770531
D. & M. Betts+13192770539
R. McBroom+13192770540
Raymond & Judith Burfeind+13192770542

Companies’ phone numbers +1-319-277-YYYY

Casey's General Store # 2865+13192770002
Jns Builders+13192770010
Timmerman Advertising Inc+13192770012
East China+13192770022
Goodwill Store+13192770040
Magee Construction Co+13192770100
Wolfe Eye Clinic+13192770103
American Family Insurance+13192770120
Pella Window Store The+13192770145
Ryder Transportation Services+13192770196
Community Main St Inc+13192770213
University Kaplan+13192770220
Nancy Advtsg Ober+13192770272
Taylor Brock+13192770300
Diamond Vogel Paint Center+13192770375
Tuffy Auto Service Centers+13192770405
K & W Electric+13192770415
Aerial Services Inc+13192770436
Valuation Services Inc+13192770477
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans James Husmann Financial Associate+13192770492
Jiffy Lube+13192770600
Cedar Hills Condo's+13192770623
Harting And Hunemuller Contractors+13192770627
Harnack Co The+13192770660
Hogan-Hansen Pc+13192770700
Precieux Art Jewelers+13192770717
Europa Cycle & Ski+13192770734
Youngblood Mardella+13192770755
General Nutrition Center+13192770756
Nielsen Roth And Company+13192770820
John Roth, CPA+13192770821
Sprint Store+13192770900
Christian Crusaders+13192770924
Petro Express+13192770941
Trh Distributing+13192770966
Allen Physicians & Clinics+13192770990
Allen Physicians & Clinics+13192770991
Sturgis Falls Celebration Inc+13192770996
West Music+13192771000
Vieth Construction Corp+13192771006
Dr Paul D. Do Tenney+13192771007
Conditt Psychological Services+13192771020
Farm Bureau Financial Services+13192771029
Sherwin-Williams Co+13192771034
Country Terrace Mobile Home Park+13192771036
Panchero's Mexican Grill+13192771054
Heartland Financial Services+13192771059
Ericson Automotive+13192771070
Inspired Real Estate+13192771077
Mike Fereday Heating & Air Conditioning+13192771091
Farmstead Preschool+13192771094
Caribbean Tan & Spa+13192771110
Odd Fellows Temple+13192771116
Simply 'I Do'+13192771117
Runyan Exteriors+13192771120
Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe+13192771121
Sprint Express+13192771124
Frito Lay Inc+13192771125
Thunder Ridge Ampride+13192771141
Roi Company Llc+13192771144
Cornerstone Fellowship Church+13192771152
Runner's Flat The+13192771154
Black Hawk Hotel+13192771161
Casey's General Store # 2865+13192771170
Kessler's Team Sports Inc+13192771198
Holdiman Motors+13192771210
Park Place Event Centre+13192771255
Thermo King Of Waterloo-Cedar Falls+13192771277
Professional Farmers Of America+13192771278
Professional Farmers Of America+13192771280
U S Bank+13192771320
Mad Hat Pets+13192771335
Global Roofing And Siding+13192771336
U-Haul Co+13192771348
Crazy To Quilt Shop+13192771360
Covenant Medical Center+13192771361
Trinity Bible Church+13192771377
Ferrari's Ristorante+13192771385
Elements Thereputic Massage+13192771392
Lynx Medical Systems+13192771406
University Inn+13192771412
Cedar Hills Condo's+13192771415
Cedar Square+13192771441
Valley Park Family Dental+13192771454
Bergen Plumbing+13192771462
Twin Oaks Print Frame+13192771463
Kitchen Design Gallery+13192771477
La Nails+13192771483
Education Agency 267 Aea 267 Area+13192771484
Mr G's Restaurant & Pub+13192771508
Tan World+13192771522
Denny Enterprises+13192771525
Outdoor & More+13192771546
U S Bank+13192771547
Jll Extended Stay Inn+13192771550
Ruan Transportation Corporation+13192771590


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said they were an arbitration company. When I didn't know the person named they hung up on me.