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Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-319283. .

Phone prefix: +1319283
This prefix is distributed within the state Iowa
The largest city within this prefix is Oelwein, IA
District: Fayette
The largest organization: Qwest Corporation
Phone numbers of the state Iowa
Time Zone: Central
Winter time: UTC-6
Summer time: UTC-5
The largest city within the prefix of +1-319283.... numbers is shown below Oelwein, IA.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-319-283-YYYY

Robert Detweiler+13192831001
L. Berg+13192831002
Mary Alessio+13192831003
Barry & Debbie Huber+13192831005
Dennis Folkers+13192831009
Duane A. & Pamela Ohrt+13192831010
R. Klingman+13192831011
Thyron Mathews+13192831012
C. Dale Cumberledge+13192831013
Katie Sorenson+13192831014
Shirley Alshouse+13192831015
Gary Gilson+13192831016
Jacob & Amy Rechkemmer+13192831017
Jeanette Rosensteil+13192831026
Sylvia Barker+13192831027
Leslie Matthias+13192831030
Paul Dunstan+13192831032
Ken McDonough+13192831033
Richard & Dalene Gosse+13192831038
Janicel Quario+13192831040
Lorin & Esther Green+13192831049
Tim Bellmer+13192831050
Alexandria Andersen+13192831053
James Egan+13192831054
David Dehaven+13192831056
Wayne Rummel+13192831059
Clifton E. Holzer+13192831063
Cecil J. Shannon+13192831064
Bellie Rael+13192831065
Ronnie & Jennifer Pattison+13192831066
Junior & Lynn Lenth+13192831069
Russ Fwarnke+13192831070
Susie Moore+13192831076
G. W Schroeder+13192831080
Frank Garcia+13192831081
Arthur Cherryholmes+13192831082
Ronald G. Maser+13192831085
Jeff & Amy Nehl+13192831089
Diane Olson+13192831090
Walter Halligan+13192831092
Donald L. Taylor+13192831093
Donald Johnson+13192831095
Mace A. Reyerson+13192831096
Joseph & Kelsey Sandeno+13192831097
Jim Nolan+13192831101
Robert B. Clark+13192831102
Penny Taylor+13192831103
L. Kappmeyer+13192831104
Ronald R. McClain+13192831106
L. Albert+13192831108
Charles A. Werdel+13192831113
Sharon & Calvin Duckett+13192831117
Jaqueline Euans+13192831118
Maureen Nolan+13192831120
Ronald Vanveldhuizen+13192831121
Sharon E. Rahe+13192831122
Robert L. Pepin+13192831123
Donald D. Avenson+13192831124
James Hogan+13192831127
Larry Price+13192831128
M. E Smith+13192831129
K. Hecht+13192831130
Virginia Wilson+13192831132
Joe Michels+13192831135
Roger Rueber+13192831136
C. Underwood+13192831138
Robert Helland+13192831140
Edward & Joan Corbin+13192831142
Marge Scharnhorst+13192831144
Kenneth Ingles+13192831145
Debra & Dennis Paul+13192831147
David L. Kunkle+13192831149
Roberto & Dawn Torres+13192831151
Dean & Malinda Cue+13192831153
Sharon Redl+13192831157
James Geistkemper+13192831160
D. Ehlers+13192831161
Shannon Mitchell+13192831162
Delbert & Linda Potter+13192831168
John F. Reisner+13192831170
E. H Hendren+13192831171
Robin Vandewalker+13192831172
Jim Gallagher+13192831175
Francis Fordyce+13192831176
Royce A. King+13192831179
Warren Skip & Mary P. Reisner+13192831181
J. A Post+13192831182
Brian & Christina Irvine+13192831183
Dennis & Karrie Peterson+13192831186
Derald Faust+13192831189
R. D Rohrig+13192831193
L. Youngton+13192831194
James J. Lindstrom+13192831199
Marty Hefel+13192831200
Joan & Leo Ford+13192831201
George Garner+13192831203
Daniel W. Sonnicksen+13192831208
Virginia Peterson+13192831209
Ccd Olson+13192831210
Walter Saur+13192831214

Companies’ phone numbers +1-319-283-YYYY

Ws Live Llc+13192831006
Ice Cream Junction+13192831007
Faith Baptist Church Garbc+13192831019
Tommy's Stump Grinding & Medal Detecting+13192831045
Trx Trx+13192831074
Pete & Dot's Pets+13192831075
Mazatlan Salon & Tanning+13192831079
Reinert & Associates+13192831086
Oelwein Radiator & Electric+13192831099
Oelwein Chamber And Area Development+13192831105
Mighty Auto Parts Of Iowa+13192831126
Woodworks By The Lake+13192831139
Insuredev Inc+13192831148
Oelwein Veterinary Clinic+13192831158
Advanced Automotive Inc+13192831166
Gene L. Fuelling+13192831173
Full Circle Services+13192831177
Old West Market+13192831180
City Of Oelwein+13192831197
Sacred Heart+13192831198
Asheley Industrial Molding+13192831206
Zion Lutheran Church+13192831207
County Of Fayette+13192831211
Saur & Saur Attys+13192831212
Dancing Lion The+13192831220
Koel Am 950+13192831234
Schools Oelwein+13192831245
Tricity Equipment Company+13192831288
Strang Tire Company+13192831292
Studio 17+13192831329
Thomas Electric Motor Service+13192831331
Farm Bureau Financial Services+13192831350
Schools Oelwein+13192831366
Podiatry Associates Pc Podiatrist+13192831373
Kokomo The+13192831416
Church Of Christ Eastside+13192831426
Sacred Heart+13192831441
Quality Choices Inc+13192831474
One Of A Kind+13192831475
Financial Decisions Group+13192831514
City Of Oelwein+13192831515
Oelwein Mart #2+13192831540
A + Realtors+13192831553
Hintz-Ziegler-Miller Insurance+13192831555
Masonic Temple+13192831569
Knights Of Columbus Club+13192831571
Custom Hair Designs+13192831581
Christensen Christensen & Freeseman Pc+13192831589
Edward Jones Invstmnts+13192831607
Schulz Roger Construction+13192831618
Brown Chiropractic Pc+13192831621
A-1 Septic Service+13192831633
E-Trend Financial Llc+13192831634
Leo's Italian Restaurant+13192831655
Christ United Presbyterian Church+13192831656
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans+13192831675
Norbys Farm Fleet+13192831678
Twice As Nice+13192831717
Walker Construction+13192831734
Homecare Helping Hand+13192831737
Carpet Corner+13192831753
Manatts Inc+13192831757
Sefert Decorating+13192831758
First Baptist Church+13192831760
Tree Of Life Tree Service+13192831818
Oelwein Care Center Residence+13192831832
Vogel Insurance Agency+13192831836
Linda's Beauty Shop+13192831841
Dr Alan W. Kruger+13192831844
Fick Tom Insurance+13192831861
Cardinal The+13192831901
Corner Market And Greenhouse+13192831905
Grandview Health Care Center+13192831908
Oelwein Elevator Co+13192831914
Beltone Hearing Aid Center+13192831916
Two Brothers Restaurant Pizza & Steak House+13192831922
County Line Taxidermy+13192831954
Church Of Christ-West Side+13192831955
South End Used Cars+13192831973
Schools Oelwein+13192831982
Blessing Industries+13192831999
Performance Rehab+13192832002
Medicap Pharmacy+13192832028
Area Education Agency Keystone+13192832043
Brian & Chris Suckow+13192832100
Kwik Star #665+13192832113
Oelwein Publishing+13192832144
Marilyn's Hallmark Shop+13192832150
Schuchmanns' Health Mart+13192832161
Schwans Consumer Brands Of North America+13192832182
Gary K. Dr Phelps, MD+13192832185
Cornerstone Realtors+13192832211
Advanced Realtor Llc+13192832242
Dr Daniel T. Pelc, DDS+13192832292
Dean's Honda+13192832301
Schools Oelwein+13192832302
Schools Oelwein+13192832304
Schools Oelwein+13192832305
Williams Wellness Center The+13192832312


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