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Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-516277. .

Phone prefix: +1516277
This prefix is distributed within the state New York
The largest city within this prefix is Glen Head, NY
District: Not defined
The largest organization: Nextel Communications
Phone numbers of the state New York
Time Zone: Eastern
Winter time: UTC-5
Summer time: UTC-4
The largest city within the prefix of +1-516277.... numbers is shown below Glen Head, NY.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-516-277-YYYY

Robert Fenikowski+15162771003
Joseph Salerno+15162771090
Florence Raucher+15162771096
Johanna Tsamas+15162771161
John Mikes+15162771164
Eun Kim+15162771200
Ann Albin+15162771224
Brian Gold+15162771234
C. Christopher+15162771237
E. Haas+15162771309
Richard Drouin+15162771357
Suet Man Chan+15162771377
Canupama Masand+15162771380
Melody Noya+15162771415
Roger Rodriguez+15162771563
James Weisberg+15162771568
Michelle Donofrio+15162771572
J. Dicapua+15162771575
Nelson Navas+15162771588
Monica Singh+15162771620
Monica Singh+15162771621
Annie Cao+15162771650
Herson Figeroua+15162771712
Not Do Call+15162771811
Eric Kim+15162771880
Dara Careri+15162771881
Ines Coyoy+15162771898
A. Pichardo+15162771909
Jane Serpico+15162771975
Lersak Tipmanee+15162771986
Bush Sorial+15162772004
Gregory Mace+15162772083
Yaron & Sandy Burko+15162772155
William Brock+15162772203
Lior Salomom+15162772209
Jason Deleo+15162772283
Debra Diez+15162772411
Barbara Strunk+15162772436
Elenor Dubner+15162772777

Companies’ phone numbers +1-516-277-YYYY

North Shore Country Club Cottage Five+15162771007
Woodman Edward+15162771011
Comfort Dental At Glen Cove+15162771017
Carlos Barajas+15162771018
Paul J Pellicani Arc+15162771025
Par Four Property Management+15162771029
My Funky Closet+15162771030
Northshore Country Club+15162771033
Nina Gurevich Md+15162771039
Roses General Store+15162771044
Kugel Productions+15162771046
Nostrada Funds Llc+15162771047
Thinker Tots+15162771049
Margolis Advisory Group+15162771050
Fire Fly Enery+15162771055
Fire Fly Enery+15162771056
Aldila Jewelers Limited+15162771060
Antichi Sapori+15162771064
Mpr Sales Incorporated+15162771066
Guardian Angels Child+15162771068
Quality Home Improvements+15162771070
Glen Cove Animal Clinic+15162771076
Mye Limited+15162771080
Les Bons Amil+15162771082
Joseph S Lopes+15162771087
Premier Novelties Limited+15162771095
Newborn Construction+15162771098
Newborn Construction+15162771099
Daluni Incorporated+15162771100
Consulting In Calderon+15162771102
Hanmaun Baptist Church+15162771103
Total Event+15162771109
Total Event+15162771110
J And J Upholstery+15162771117
J And J Upholstery+15162771118
Emergency Machinery International+15162771120
Luk Oil+15162771122
Business Capital Direct Llc+15162771125
Solor Giant+15162771132
Exxon Mobil+15162771135
New Century+15162771144
Able Drug Testing And Background Check+15162771160
Integrated Foundation+15162771181
This Is Why Entertainment+15162771183
This Is Why Entertainment+15162771184
Albertson Deli+15162771190
Rzm Services Incorporated+15162771193
North Shore Geothermal Corporation+15162771208
Insurance Four Me Agency+15162771214
My Store+15162771216
Aetas Advisors Llc+15162771250
Cristina Labella+15162771254
Home Fries+15162771260
Seven Brands+15162771276
Weinstat & Weinstat+15162771280
Grille At East Hills+15162771288
Young Lite Corporation+15162771300
Glen Cove Youth Center+15162771303
Goos Zoomies+15162771331
Wireless Twenty Four Seven+15162771335
Wireless Twenty Four Seven+15162771336
A Ruggiero Consulting Incorporated+15162771361
Orthotech Express Corporation+15162771390
Ferrari Of Long Island+15162771393
Sp Studios+15162771398
Nitalis Grill+15162771405
Friends Of Chuck Levine+15162771408
Friends Of Chuck Levine+15162771409
Friends Of Chuck Levine+15162771410
Sherry's Hair Salon+15162771419
New Star Equities+15162771446
New Star Equities+15162771447
New Star Equities+15162771448
Fera Pharmaceuticals+15162771449
Sera Pharmaceutial Llc+15162771450
Mining Mgb+15162771459
Lift Gym+15162771465
Polish Deli+15162771470
Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Company+15162771488
Michael Durso+15162771497
Bld N Hills+15162771505
Bld N Hills+15162771506
Sunflower Center Incorporated+15162771515
Drive Prefered Limo+15162771517
La Belle Epoque Limited+15162771518
Smart Stop+15162771524
Smart Stop+15162771525
J Dolgoff+15162771532
J Dolgoff+15162771533
J Dolgoff+15162771534
Jambas Teen Promotions+15162771536
K And S Trucking+15162771553
Memory Link+15162771567
Alto Llc+15162771598
Alto Llc+15162771599
Alto Llc+15162771600
Cars By Stacey+15162771607
Ny Sleep Diagnostic+15162771614


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