Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-516285. .

Phone prefix: +1516285
This prefix is distributed within the state New York
The largest city within this prefix is Springfield Gardens, NY
District: Queens
The largest organization: Verizon New York
Phone numbers of the state New York
Time Zone: Eastern
Winter time: UTC-5
Summer time: UTC-4
The largest city within the prefix of +1-516285.... numbers is shown below Springfield Gardens, NY.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-516-285-YYYY

Mohammad Cellular Aziz+15162850007
Peter Barrett+15162850009
E. Mason+15162850012
Luz Caminero+15162850017
T. Prilucik+15162850018
E. Morales+15162850021
Lawrence Hunter+15162850023
Jeanne Lariveau+15162850024
Amandeep Mehrok+15162850025
Anita Rani+15162850028
National Robinson+15162850029
Vivienne Treadwell+15162850030
Nesrin Cox+15162850031
David Edwards+15162850032
Clifford Adams+15162850033
Marguerite Caropolo+15162850034
Lynette Hope+15162850041
R. Louissaint+15162850042
Damian Benons+15162850044
James Acosta+15162850045
R. Louis+15162850048
T. Smith+15162850049
K. Henry+15162850055
Nancy Camulaire+15162850056
Surujika Adinarayan+15162850059
Alicia Izquierdo+15162850063
Cherise Williams+15162850064
Javier Diaz+15162850065
Manoj Stephen+15162850066
M. Anderson+15162850067
Reverend Harvey W. Vonharten, III+15162850071
Regina Samuels+15162850072
Rodman Alleyne+15162850073
Davis Cornella+15162850074
Kelvin Ramdhan+15162850075
Hazel Simon+15162850076
J. Rotolo+15162850077
Ephraim George+15162850080
Myrlene Dessources+15162850081
G. Desvarieux+15162850082
Ron Mantz+15162850090
Florence Staco+15162850091
Marie Perceval+15162850097
Dominick Lapera+15162850098
Mohammed Arma+15162850099
S. Lalman+15162850101
Saidel Barthelemy+15162850105
Paulette Val+15162850107
Charlotte Hall+15162850110
Anthony Marshall+15162850113
I. Recalde+15162850119
Nyla Lotus+15162850122
Sharon Creary+15162850124
Daniel Duran+15162850125
Deloris Hodge+15162850126
Patrick A. Bramwell+15162850127
A. Forbes+15162850130
Hugues Aurelien+15162850131
K. Jackson+15162850139
Amanda Salazar+15162850140
S. Lindsay+15162850141
B. Solomon+15162850145
Beryl Barnes+15162850147
Rebecca Musoke+15162850148
Angela Perez+15162850149
Manuel D. Rivera+15162850150
Remie Valdec+15162850156
Edwidge Olivier+15162850157
Francisco Ramos+15162850158
Rosalie White+15162850162
S. Melendez+15162850163
S. Randolph+15162850165
R. Guerrier+15162850168
James Kenney+15162850170
Sosamma Kurian+15162850174
Christopher Elliott+15162850178
Amaris Moronta+15162850180
Anthony Esposito+15162850184
Frantz Throdore+15162850187
Donna Haynes+15162850188
L. Johnson+15162850191
Gloria Chukwuma+15162850193
R. Engola+15162850194
D. Smith+15162850198
T. Allen+15162850205
D. Furnari+15162850207
Lucia Brutus+15162850210
Kingsley Haughton+15162850216
M. Cherissaint+15162850220
Adrian Gittens+15162850222
Alvin Freeland+15162850227
Nicole Carrington+15162850234
Elizabeth & John Keating+15162850235
Evens Louis+15162850236
S. Cooke+15162850241
A. Jerome+15162850243
Wendell Harper+15162850245
Annette Lazarus-Rose+15162850246
Clifford Stephenson+15162850251
Rosemary Fabre+15162850255

Companies’ phone numbers +1-516-285-YYYY

Classic Marble & Granite+15162850002
Ny Lighting Design Center+15162850036
Cc244 Llc+15162850095
Cola Fuel Corporation+15162850100
Aa Always Towing Incorporated+15162850103
Paramount Automobile Repair+15162850118
O & D Produce Corp+15162850133
Alfa Home Sales Corporation+15162850195
Supreme Judgment Recovery+15162850207
Coin Laundry Incorporated+15162850281
Teoat Llc+15162850300
Joes Refinishing & Delivery+15162850301
Health Care For Pllc+15162850330
2008 Molinos Bakery Corporation+15162850353
Calvary Faith Tabernacle+15162850375
Buff Patty Restaurant & Bakery+15162850382
Stream Valley+15162850398
Savitha Reddy & Chiran Reddy Dds+15162850400
Carmichael International Service+15162850431
Pro Metal Of Ny Corporation+15162850440
Adventures In Cruising+15162850447
Graham Douglas Agency Incorporated Ins+15162850500
Barry's Carpet+15162850502
Country Lincoln Mercury West+15162850505
M Persaud Incorporated+15162850510
Mednet Technologies Incorporated+15162850526
Geffner Robert+15162850566
Pink's Jamaican Cuisine+15162850581
New York Minute+15162850600
Cafe Moments+15162850635
Nino's Pizzeria+15162850636
Etrade Realty Corporation+15162850660
Hung Hing Kitchen+15162850700
Chandramohan K Md+15162850707
Yuderkis Dominican Beauty Salon+15162850770
Trinity Lutheran Nursery School+15162850815
Perruzo Ent+15162850838
New Pioneer Holdings Llc+15162850840
Paccione & Greco Cpas+15162850872
Little People's Place The+15162850888
Nyc Health Hospitals Corporation+15162850910
Speedy Appliance+15162850913
Ms Nicole Diamonds+15162850915
Parish Resource Center Of L I+15162850919
King Cole Incorporated+15162850920
Creative Cuts+15162850928
Pace Electrical Contracting Incorporated+15162850989
Albano Van Service+15162850991
Meridian Technologies Incorporated+15162851000
Nicole's Fashions+15162851005
Country Lincoln Mercury West+15162851024
Modest Apparel+15162851088
China Pan+15162851100
Pheathers Incorporated+15162851105
21st Century Realty+15162851119
Valley Stream Acura Service+15162851150
Family And Children Association+15162851151
Warex Terminals Corporation+15162851153
Elmont Halal Meat Grocers+15162851164
Go Trend Limo Incorporated+15162851190
Jerry Franklin Incorporated+15162851200
New China Dragon Kitchen+15162851203
Amoroso Mason Works Company+15162851215
Kwon's Fish Market+15162851235
Crane Worldwide Logistics+15162851236
Ideal Medical Care+15162851270
Tabowitz Daniel+15162851275
All County Express Air Shuttle+15162851300
Economy Stainless Steel Supply Company Incorporated+15162851330
Cool Heat Mechanic+15162851373
Coburn E Lance+15162851393
Diliberto Probate Research Llc+15162851400
Elmont Convenience Incorporated+15162851461
Creative Concept Haircutters+15162851524
Sullivan Garnett H+15162851575
Ruffin Diana+15162851592
North Island Check Cashing Corporation+15162851599
Jasteck Incorporated+15162851600
D & M Beauty Supply+15162851618
Primerica Financial Services+15162851634
Amerada Hess Corporation+15162851756
Four Corner Automobile Repair Incorporated+15162851779
Ali Shafi Incorporated+15162851782
Carmichael International Service+15162851783
Pure Sensuality Nails+15162851800
Bible Baptist Church+15162851808
Bryce Upholstery+15162851813
Mca Automobile Sales Incorporated+15162851905
Ab Towing Corporation+15162851958
Adler Windows+15162851994
Carelink Incorporated+15162851999
Sunshine Wireless & Gift's+15162852018
Cean Owens Law Firm+15162852060
Overton & Co+15162852170
Mednet Technologies Incorporated+15162852200
5 Star Car Wash+15162852313
Alden Automobile Supply+15162852611
Final Cleaning Sewer & Drain Svce+15162852845


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