Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-541265. .

Phone prefix: +1541265
This prefix is distributed within the state Oregon
The largest city within this prefix is Newport, OR
District: Lincoln
The largest organization: Qwest Corporation
Phone numbers of the state Oregon
Time Zone: Mountain / Pacific
Winter time: UTC-7 / UTC-8
Summer time: UTC-6 / UTC-7
The largest city within the prefix of +1-541265.... numbers is shown below Newport, OR.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-541-265-YYYY

Ione Tower+15412652000
Peter Dale+15412652008
Debra Davidson+15412652009
Kathy Ramsey+15412652023
S. Lopez+15412652028
Tom Ragghianti+15412652030
Bette Owens+15412652033
Timothy & Nancy Giraud+15412652044
Vonda & Steve Etter+15412652047
B. J Gray+15412652050
Bill Leeper+15412652052
Larry Skriver+15412652053
K. Gibson+15412652055
Robert Olson+15412652066
E. Speed Rasmussen+15412652067
Alvin F. Mueller+15412652074
Dene Bateman+15412652079
J. Thompson Graham+15412652082
Dave & Nancy Edwards+15412652084
Donald And Neva Mapes+15412652088
Russell Grant+15412652090
Reynaldo Baltazar+15412652096
Lefteris Lavrakas+15412652097
Lynn Dunton+15412652098
Maynord Smith+15412652103
Ben Davi+15412652104
V. West+15412652106
Wilburn & Kathleen Hall+15412652112
Farhad Kazemi+15412652114
Ladonna Bryce+15412652117
A. Goldman+15412652126
Dick Dammeier+15412652128
Nikki Letherer+15412652129
B. S Peel+15412652130
Kristina Self+15412652132
Haru Matsumoto+15412652135
Jim Leppe+15412652141
Nancy Luther+15412652147
Dorothy A. Knutson+15412652151
Mark L. Thomas+15412652154
Linda Neigebauer+15412652155
Ed & Loretta Wiles+15412652158
Charles And Vanessa Shirts+15412652159
Natalia Torres+15412652160
Thomas Earl+15412652161
Ken & Sharon Lowry+15412652162
Kenneth M. & Agnes Thompson+15412652165
Lawrence Cooper+15412652167
John Edstrom+15412652170
Bill Dickinson+15412652172
Ed Dasenbrock+15412652174
Michael Wheeler+15412652176
W. C Mott & Helen Jones+15412652178
D. Osborne+15412652179
Albert Loudenback+15412652183
Wilburn Hall+15412652185
Frank J. Wilson+15412652186
J. C Sedlacek+15412652189
Linda Maxwell+15412652190
M. Lamb+15412652196
Vila Maria Gurrero+15412652197
Ron Greene+15412652198
Leland & Diana Oldenburg+15412652204
F. James Wimber+15412652210
Chris Arbeene+15412652232
Leroy & Carol Krause Thomas+15412652235
Cait Goodwin+15412652263
Howdy Eddleman+15412652270
J. S Roth+15412652290
Ken Doerfler, Jr+15412652300
Leanne Sell+15412652306
J. Reed+15412652307
Robert S. Edge+15412652309
Darlene Clark+15412652311
Mona McCullough+15412652312
E. M Hockema+15412652314
Kathy Cabanag+15412652318
J. A Bollinger+15412652321
Don Rowley+15412652324
Max & Roberta Pope+15412652328
Kristopher Morgan+15412652329
Robert S. & Elynor Hill+15412652331
Doris Beckette+15412652332
Richard D. Beeson+15412652333
Loren Golitz+15412652335
Harry & Ruth Kassebaum+15412652337
Randy & Deborah Olsen+15412652338
Jim & Kim Rodriguez+15412652339
Michael & Cynthia Steele+15412652340
William E. & Nancy Weaver+15412652349
Leroy Best+15412652350
John McLaughlin+15412652352
P. Crouse+15412652360
M. Murry+15412652363
Betty Clifford+15412652367
Eric & Sandy Harms+15412652368
Mark G. Collson+15412652380
Anthony William Thomas+15412652382
Charles N. Stephenson+15412652383
Tracy Mason+15412652385

Companies’ phone numbers +1-541-265-YYYY

Bay City Of Depoe+15412651911
Kite Company The+15412652004
Central Coast Internal Medicine+15412652007
State Farm Insurance+15412652011
Advance Mortgage Usa+15412652022
Seventh -Day Adventist+15412652041
Figaro's Italian Kitchen+15412652061
Central Oregon Coast Association+15412652064
Auto Body Specialists+15412652065
Aunt Belinda's Candies Inc+15412652075
Minor Bandonis & Haggerty Pc+15412652076
Douglas R Holbrook Attorney At Law+15412652080
Beach Water District Beverly+15412652083
Professional Food Service Management Inc+15412652086
Life Cycle Financial Planning+15412652100
Newport Tradewinds+15412652101
Elks Lodge 2105+15412652105
Douglas E. Fitts+15412652109
Kate's Barber Shop+15412652110
Queen Of Hearts+15412652118
Peel Construction+15412652130
City Of Newport+15412652153
Northwest Kitchens+15412652156
I L W U Loc 53+15412652191
Just Maintaining Llc+15412652193
Advantage Real Estate+15412652200
Ripleys Believe It Or Not+15412652206
Bay Latte+15412652208
Crook Rae Insurance+15412652211
Paradise Carpet Cleaners+15412652216
James Bjornsen, Attorney+15412652217
Newport Glass Co Inc+15412652226
Park Motel+15412652234
Willers Motel+15412652241
Willers Motel+15412652242
Pacific Communities Hospital+15412652244
State of Oregon+15412652248
S & W Real Estate+15412652251
Valley Retriever Busline+15412652253
Oregon Maid Ice Cream+15412652256
Bank Of America+15412652258
Central Coast Dental Clinic Dntst+15412652261
Kbch Am 1400+15412652266
Washington Federal Savings+15412652269
Carquest Of Newport+15412652271
Yaquina Bay Realty Inc+15412652274
Money Saver Motel+15412652277
Mishey Real Estate+15412652281
Coast Community College Oregon+15412652283
Western Title & Escrow Co+15412652288
Jehovah's Witnesses Newport Congregation Of+15412652302
Aaa Road Service & Towing+15412652322
Moolack Shores Motel+15412652326
Central Coast Janitorial+15412652343
McCammon's Appliance Service+15412652344
Senter For Health+15412652355
Schiewe Lori Insurance+15412652362
Riddell Sheet Metal+15412652366
Runions Trucking (Rocks)+15412652370
State of Oregon+15412652373
Grove Veterinary Clinic+15412652381
Halsey Sign Co+15412652384
M & N Construction+15412652395
Assurance Real Estate Service+15412652400
Birthright Of Newport+15412652404
Randy Druba+15412652407
Ocean Bleu Seafoods At Ginos+15412652424
Statewide Environmental Svcs+15412652425
Eagles Fraternal Order Aeria #2817+15412652430
Shauna's Shear Image+15412652443
Jones Creek Glassworks+15412652444
Shilo Inns+15412652449
Newport Oregonian Distributor+15412652461
Rickert Art Center+15412652466
Usf Reddaway+15412652471
Pacific Crest Condominiums 729 Nw Coast+15412652477
I'M So Happy Quilting+15412652490
Cummings Transfer+15412652501
All Nations Lutheran Church+15412652503
Fireside Books+15412652518
First Christian Church+15412652531
Rogue Ale+15412652537
Hairs The Thing+15412652546
Lutheran Church Atonement+15412652554
Family Care Connection+15412652558
Shilo Inns+15412652562
I L W U Loc 53+15412652572
Newpot Candy Shoppe+15412652580
Quilter`S Cove Llc+15412652591
Sunset Technical Services+15412652596
Hallmark Resort+15412652600
Wake Up Espresso+15412652601
Bishop Deanne Lmft Lpc+15412652626
Lincoln Sew & Vac+15412652636
McDowell's Automotive Clinic Inc+15412652637
A Bc Preschool & Day Care+15412652654
Little Creek Apartments+15412652663


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