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Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-541269. .

Phone prefix: +1541269
This prefix is distributed within the state Oregon
The largest city within this prefix is Coos Bay, OR
District: Coos
The largest organization: Frontier Communications Northwest
Phone numbers of the state Oregon
Time Zone: Mountain / Pacific
Winter time: UTC-7 / UTC-8
Summer time: UTC-6 / UTC-7
The largest city within the prefix of +1-541269.... numbers is shown below Coos Bay, OR.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-541-269-YYYY

L. Grosso+15412690046
Ralph Blair+15412690048
L. A & I. P Flitcroft+15412690056
Richard Snapp+15412690066
Jack Chaney+15412690067
Robt E. & Sela Jones+15412690073
Darrell Fromm+15412690082
& Conti J. D & E. Raymond+15412690106
Walt Johnson+15412690107
C. Lariviere+15412690108
Rebecca L. Engle+15412690112
Jos Blisseck+15412690122
Jas Csoros+15412690129
Steve & Judy Clemens+15412690130
Russ C. Borthwick+15412690131
D. Lagrou+15412690136
Neva M. De Mott+15412690137
Debra Lathrom+15412690142
Kassie Wynveen+15412690144
Sam & Janet Cagley+15412690145
Will Bunnell+15412690148
A. Morlatt+15412690149
Carrie Breuer+15412690150
Ronald & Joyce Stuntzner+15412690152
H. E & M. C Hoy+15412690153
Glen & Maria Meigs+15412690154
Carl & Melissa Benzel+15412690155
Spencer & Marlyss Ward, Sr+15412690160
Jayson Wartnik+15412690173
Rich And Pat Capanna+15412690174
Rex & Christine Leach+15412690182
Rogelio Rodriguez+15412690183
Robert L. & Lori Mauer+15412690184
Eddie Gonzalez+15412690190
Mardeane Bouchet+15412690198
Connie Culver+15412690203
Arlene McKinnon+15412690206
Bryan & Jackie Souza+15412690208
Misty Jones+15412690209
Robt Barkley+15412690210
Ryan Mahaffy+15412690226
Ryan Mahaffy+15412690227
Don & Bonnie Brown+15412690229
Joel & Karen Robb+15412690231
D. Weston+15412690240
Dusty & Michelle Webb+15412690241
D. Doolittle+15412690242
Shane Johnson+15412690248
Benny B. Hempstead+15412690250
H. Gardner+15412690252
Robert Paula Morris+15412690253
Jim & Christie Kindred+15412690263
B. & H. Morris+15412690264
Cliff & Susan Lindsey+15412690275
Wayne & Debbie McPherson+15412690276
Donald D. & Richie Bock+15412690278
Joseph J. Babcock+15412690280
Steve & Tina Winfrey+15412690285
Pat McCash+15412690286
John & Jun Chambers+15412690289
Peter E. Perrin+15412690293
Terry Bishop+15412690302
Mary Madsen+15412690305
Jon Eck+15412690308
Greg Nickerson+15412690312
John & Betty Fredrickson+15412690313
Martha King+15412690315
Ralph F. Huntley+15412690322
Virginia Player+15412690344
Felix Verser+15412690350
J. Christiana+15412690356
J. Posey+15412690357
Alina Rizea+15412690359
L. Trujillo+15412690363
Tiffany & Erik Johnson+15412690368
T. Ayala+15412690370
Brian Prentice+15412690373
R. E Baker+15412690382
K. Logan+15412690386
Richard & Grace Trupp+15412690390
N. Devereux+15412690393
Shawn Sandusky+15412690396
Joanna & Chuck Bracelin+15412690401
J. Young+15412690402
Steve & Janine Auer+15412690405
L. Dunn+15412690406
Sandy Smith+15412690407
Tim & Sue Enright+15412690408
Donald E. Ruell+15412690409
Michael Gaudette+15412690414
S. Lantto+15412690420
M. Dodd+15412690422
Rita Torgensen+15412690423
D. Devine+15412690433
John Eckerman+15412690440
Richard A. Baxter+15412690445
Frank & Joan Glenn+15412690446
Andy & Mary Michael+15412690454
Eric Engles+15412690458
Andria Vallier+15412690459

Companies’ phone numbers +1-541-269-YYYY

Evergreen Dental Laboratory+15412690031
Knife River Materials+15412690111
Coast Metal Works Inc+15412690116
First American Title+15412690119
Shlesinger & Devilleneuve Attorneys+15412690159
Bay Public Schools Coos+15412690161
Eagle Funding+15412690175
Black Market Gourmet+15412690194
Josie Salon+15412690204
Knecht's Auto Parts+15412690211
Pest Control Associates+15412690213
Bay Area Chamber Of Commerce+15412690215
Benny Hempstead Excavating+15412690254
Curves For Women Of Coos Bay+15412690271
Bay Printers+15412690274
Doyle Williams+15412690294
South Coast Shopper+15412690310
Belloni Ranch Inc+15412690321
Hasan Akhtar, MD+15412690333
Tioga Orthopaedic Services+15412690340
Turman Electric+15412690353
Prudential Seaboard Properties Inc+15412690355
Pastor Bob Brown+15412690384
Tom's Bulldog Automotive Inc+15412690399
Confusion Hill Trading Company+15412690400
Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc+15412690415
Smith Thomas G Construction+15412690466
Action Trophies+15412690550
Encore Computer Systems+15412690573
Gary W Long Construction Inc+15412690579
Lincare Inc+15412690607
Industrial Finishes & Systems Inc+15412690616
Mac Archt McSwain+15412690618
Steven Richardson, DMD+15412690620
Custom Truck Sales Inc+15412690635
Oregon Inspiration Llc+15412690652
David S. Tilton, Attorney+15412690654
South Coast Orthopaedic+15412690677
R & M Services & Painting Inc+15412690724
Dyer Partnership The+15412690732
Wendy's Old Fashion Hamburgers+15412690822
Simple Treasure In Home Care+15412690838
Jas Cahill+15412690841
Refuge Church Of God The+15412690872
Seven-Eleven Food Stores+15412690884
Screenprint Graphics+15412690894
Mattress Store The+15412690898
Coos Bay Christian Fellowship+15412690911
Koos Trucking Llc+15412690912
Puerto Vallarta+15412690919
K -Dock Radio+15412690929
K-Dock Radio+15412690935
A-101 Auto Salvage Recycle & Towing+15412690943
Coss Bay Heights+15412690950
American Pacific Counseling Inc+15412690956
A Fire Extinguisher Service Co+15412690971
G D Logging Inc+15412690998
Alder Acres Rv Park+15412690999
Domino's Pizza+15412691000
Lifestyle Portraits+15412691009
American Press Incorporated+15412691028
Wright's Artesian Well Drilling+15412691048
Memories Of Time+15412691053
Coos Bay Timber Operations Inc+15412691100
Bay City Of Coos+15412691101
Huggins Insurance+15412691103
Bay Area Hospital Tty Line+15412691115
Security Bank+15412691122
Corrigall & McClintock Llp+15412691123
Jeff Boat Brokerage Kasper+15412691125
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney+15412691150
Hge Inc Architects Engineers Surveyors & Planners+15412691166
Georgia-Pacific West Inc+15412691171
Bay Area Chamber+15412691181
Bay City Of Coos+15412691191
Honer Timberland Management+15412691212
World The+15412691222
Truck Repair & Service+15412691223
Coos Bay Manor+15412691224
Oregon Law Center+15412691226
Blackwell's & Co Hair Design+15412691236
J. Williams Clinton, Attorney+15412691250
Bekins Agent+15412691255
Nadine's Ceramics+15412691256
Gordon Michael A Cpa+15412691272
Ormsbee & Corrigall+15412691278
Arby's Roast Beef+15412691291
Theresa Asper, DDS+15412691317
James Wahl, PHD+15412691334
Burger King+15412691353
J. Robert Cpa Wall+15412691358
Webster Lee Excavating Inc+15412691387
Columbiacare Services+15412691409
Gerald & Louise Napier+15412691415
Walding Grant L Cpa Llc+15412691427
Jehovahs Witnesses-Cong+15412691428
Marler Appraisal Services+15412691474
Central Dock Co+15412691500


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said they were an arbitration company. When I didn't know the person named they hung up on me.