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Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Phone prefix +1-541278. .

Phone prefix: +1541278
This prefix is distributed within the state Oregon
The largest city within this prefix is Pendleton, OR
District: Umatilla
The largest organization: Qwest Corporation
Phone numbers of the state Oregon
Time Zone: Mountain / Pacific
Winter time: UTC-7 / UTC-8
Summer time: UTC-6 / UTC-7
The largest city within the prefix of +1-541278.... numbers is shown below Pendleton, OR.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-541-278-YYYY

Temby Zander+15412780004
S. C & Sharon West+15412780013
Judith Ottosen+15412780023
Chris J. Lundquist+15412780047
Russ & Suzanne Nekraszewicz+15412780057
Alton & Doris Olson+15412780059
Frank & Sheila Ashbeck+15412780061
Ed Fisher+15412780062
Michael & Kristin Lapp+15412780081
Joann Bingham+15412780083
W. J & Edith Reich+15412780098
James V. Mendenhall+15412780101
Jeff & Debbie Stahl+15412780111
Woody Clark+15412780117
J. Flynn+15412780118
Noel C. Roager+15412780119
Pam K. Bliss+15412780123
Penny Pearce+15412780130
Debbie Kerby+15412780134
Alan Kessler+15412780138
Matt & Rachelle Underwood+15412780147
Bill Jamison+15412780148
Jerry & Jo Simpson+15412780158
Gregory Penney+15412780161
John & Sandy Ott+15412780162
Guy & Cheryl Post+15412780167
Sandra Haley+15412780171
Ivan E. Pointer+15412780172
Thomas M. Tangney+15412780196
Patty Bohms+15412780199
Mary Jean Spurgeon+15412780208
P. Johnson+15412780210
Ted Biddle+15412780212
Tom & Lanny Straughan+15412780218
James Prater+15412780220
Jerry Copeland+15412780224
Robert Tally+15412780230
Alan Ager+15412780236
Norman Young+15412780240
S. Coiner+15412780244
Carrie A. Phinney+15412780248
Greg & Deborah Wagner+15412780250
James & Laura Reger+15412780255
A. Murray+15412780256
John Spilker+15412780263
Daniel J. Mills+15412780264
Santiago Hernandez+15412780269
Larry Anderson+15412780296
Ann Adams+15412780298
J. M Keough+15412780300
William M. & Alpha N. Phillips+15412780304
John Chess+15412780307
Charles And Susan Denight+15412780308
Jean Harding+15412780324
Rex & Lana Holcomb+15412780334
David Schlaich+15412780337
Jim Harrison+15412780349
Ron & Theresa Bosworth+15412780352
Fritz And Karen Hill+15412780365
Donald W. Dagley+15412780366
S. Wallace+15412780367
J. W Bullock+15412780379
Polly Johnson+15412780386
K. J McClure+15412780387
D. & L. Emert+15412780392
Don & Terri Briggs+15412780393
Reba Helmick+15412780399
Gurney & Vera Walters+15412780402
Richard & Tammy Standley+15412780407
Genni Lehnert+15412780413
Bill And Darlynne Norton+15412780414
Geneva Haskie+15412780423
Debbie Manning+15412780426
Holly Harrison+15412780445
Vijay & H. Patel+15412780449
Nick & Sandi Neddo+15412780460
Cheryl & James Stiles+15412780462
Shawn & Nora Rivera+15412780473
Sonja Bennett+15412780474
Robert & Helen Harper+15412780478
Dennis Hamilton+15412780481
D. Brandhagen+15412780488
Arthur R. Goebel+15412780493
Brooke McKay+15412780496
Eric Schulze+15412780499
Larry Lemons+15412780507
Richard O. & Loretta Hampton+15412780519
Glenn Wendler+15412780530
Ronald Harral+15412780531
Steve Martin+15412780533
Randall Smith+15412780537
Warren Taylor+15412780541
Curtis McDougall+15412780546
Terry Dirks+15412780548
Daniel Ball+15412780558
Michael F. Ladd+15412780578
Michael & Debbie Comstock+15412780587
M. E Spurlock+15412780589
Lorne Becker+15412780591
Jean Case+15412780599

Companies’ phone numbers +1-541-278-YYYY

Anthony L Worth Disability Services+15412780069
Sunshine Carwash+15412780099
Woodpecker Salvage & Rebuild Center+15412780127
William Smith Insurance+15412780133
Airport Antiques+15412780141
Suttle Care & Retirement Inc+15412780174
Domestic Violence Services+15412780241
Timeless Photography+15412780260
Robert M. Burns+15412780303
R. W Pfeiffer+15412780309
James O. & Carla Harris+15412780314
Schuck's O'Reilly Auto Parts+15412780319
Cookie Tree Bakery & Cafe+15412780343
Kopperud Drafting & Design+15412780436
Wildish Standard Paving Co+15412780443
Dr Christine M. Mitchell+15412780469
Pendleton Cinemas+15412780479
Soft Step Interiors+15412780500
Classic Carpentry+15412780524
Tribes Of The Umatilla Indian Reservation Confederated+15412780550
Pendleton Internal Medicine Specialists Pc+15412780568
Details Hair Salon+15412780573
Steve's Truck Body Repair+15412780593
Juniper House+15412780666
Dave Gallaher, Attorney+15412780722
Skyview Memorial Park+15412780741
Herman Scott A Dmd+15412780800
Subway Sandwiches+15412780808
Pendleton Round-Up Hall Of Fame+15412780815
Oregon Trail Church Of Christ+15412780840
Henderer Stan State Farm Insurance Agent+15412780880
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage+15412780992
Gcjd Of Oregon Inc+15412781000
State of Oregon+15412781094
Pendleton Flour Mills Inc+15412781111
States Government United+15412781129
Green Thumb Lawn & Garden Service+15412781156
Courtesy Appliance+15412781169
Salon The+15412781174
Dragonfly The+15412781176
Barrett Business Services Inc+15412781195
Steve Bjerke+15412781200
Pioneer Asphalt Inc+15412781281
Dusenberry's Ray Satellite+15412781297
Drigh Sighed Publications+15412781326
Patricia Winn, MD+15412781348
Red's Clothing Co+15412781404
Dean's Market & Deli+15412781415
Horizon Project The+15412781429
Harrison's Auto Enhancer+15412781431
Mid Columbia Bus Company+15412781444
Eastern Oregon Amusement+15412781489
Langston Mobile Services+15412781500
J & B Automotive+15412781515
Pendleton Inn+15412781549
Juliet K. Markham, MD+15412781577
Edward Jones Invstmnts+15412781600
Phantom Cycles+15412781644
Sorbenots Coffee+15412781678
Ac Mini Storage & Rv Park+15412781731
Columbia State Bank+15412781796
Susan Psyd Rn Lcsw Mangnall-Harris+15412781850
Main Street Diner+15412781952
Of Reclamation Bureau+15412781989
Controllers Northwest Ltd+15412781993
State of Oregon+15412782007
Country Square The+15412782058
Country Expressions+15412782061
Blue Goose Recycling+15412782086
Servicemaster Cleaning & Restoration+15412782087
Taco Bell+15412782121
Pendleton Inn+15412782129
Mountain Community College Blue+15412782174
Us Cellular+15412782200
Psychological Services Of Pendleton Llc+15412782222
Linda Dc Harries+15412782225
Abbys Legendary Pizza+15412782229
Wallys Heating & Air+15412782256
Tribes Of The Umatilla Indian Reservation Confederated+15412782274
Court Street Motors+15412782277
Obie's Import Repair+15412782286
Cat Companions+15412782287
Formal Affairs+15412782309
Creative Signs+15412782345
Lygo & Shipley Llp+15412782444
A-1 Storage+15412782462
Northwest Mercantile & Gallery+15412782495
K Tix Twelve Forty Am+15412782500
Alcoholism Detoxification+15412782558
Western States Equipment Company+15412782564
Departments Police+15412782581
East Oregonian+15412782678
Veterans Of Foreign Wars+15412782720
Kids Korner Preschool And+15412782772
Horizon Project+15412782777
Bohemian Boutique+15412782797
Pendleton Plumbing Llc+15412782800


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