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Phone prefix +1-575253. .

Phone prefix: +1575253
This prefix is distributed within the state New Mexico
The largest city within this prefix is Melrose, NM
District: Not defined
The largest organization: Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Coop.
Phone numbers of the state New Mexico
Time Zone: Mountain
Winter time: UTC-7
Summer time: UTC-6
The largest city within the prefix of +1-575253.... numbers is shown below Melrose, NM.

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Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-575-253-YYYY

W. P Bill Burdette+15752534201
Lynn Carter+15752534203
Ted Stretmoyer+15752534205
Terry Christesson+15752534208
Lloyd & Sunnie Greenwalt+15752534210
Marilyn Adams+15752534216
Jerri & Roger Kline+15752534217
Francis & Dorothy Porter+15752534218
Daryl & Debra Martin+15752534219
Dennis Riley+15752534221
R. Griffin+15752534222
Bill Hollaway+15752534225
Wendell & Glenda Belcher+15752534226
F. W Barlow+15752534228
Jimmie Campbell+15752534229
Cc Pyle+15752534231
Hernandez Sara Solis+15752534238
Jack D. Stockard+15752534239
Wanda Madero+15752534241
James Cassell+15752534242
Sally Russell+15752534243
Angelina Phear+15752534245
Jeanne Augenstein+15752534249
Philip & Charity Sena+15752534250
Verle Burdette+15752534251
Dawson Ridling+15752534254
Gary Dickerman+15752534255
Green Barry+15752534260
Nelda Austin+15752534262
Christine Ready+15752534272
Jerry Garcia+15752534275
Nelson Holloway+15752534276
Connie Barnard+15752534277
Merle C. Sorgen+15752534278
Amie Dearing+15752534280
Jim M. Earnest+15752534283
Jamaica Callaway+15752534284
Deanna Townson+15752534286
Tobby Mitchell+15752534287
Marvin R. Clark+15752534288
Ruby E. Schoos+15752534290
Darlene Woolard+15752534292
Randy & Nicole Lesly+15752534294
Tracy & Phillis Broeder+15752534295
Grady Bright+15752534302
A. E Pete Pierce+15752534304
Billy & Lisa McGinnis+15752534305
Barbara & Larry Knutson+15752534306
Larry Nydam+15752534307
Billy Jo Grider+15752534309
William & Lori Frazier+15752534310
Joe B. Montgomery+15752534315
Montey Welsh+15752534316
Juanita Woods+15752534318
Dean & Janet Wilson+15752534319
Altha Smith+15752534328
Finis Hollaway+15752534329
Roger & Bettye Barnard+15752534330
Brenda M. Harrell+15752534331
Guadalupe Cervantes+15752534332
A. Lair+15752534333
Larry & Elaine Devaney+15752534334
Ray Hester+15752534336
Glen Gonser+15752534339
Les & Barbara Maupin+15752534342
Bob Bennett+15752534343
Ernest & Linda Riley+15752534344
J. W Jacobs+15752534345
Lonnie McDaniel+15752534346
T. Wilson+15752534347
Billy R. Smith+15752534349
Alan & Debera Daugherty+15752534353
Gary Bright+15752534354
Lois Seamster+15752534356
Hershel & Marylou Martin+15752534360
Doyle & Jackie Young+15752534362
Keith Shaw+15752534363
Neal & Tandee Delk+15752534364
Robert C. & Linda L. Rodman+15752534367
Kay Frazier+15752534371
T. Wade+15752534372
Jim M. Earnest+15752534373
Ruth Ashley+15752534375
D. W Luce+15752534377
Shawn & Lori Perkins+15752534380
Steve Patton+15752534381
Cristoval Rodriguez+15752534382
Don Hightower+15752534383
Dan Younger+15752534385
Jubal & Laney Pierce+15752534387
Marvin Estes+15752534388
Amber Lesly+15752534400
William & Betty Upton+15752534401
Bruce Murphy+15752534404
Maryann Gonzales+15752534411
Deon Dodd+15752534418
F. Wilcox+15752534423
Carmen Aleman+15752534425
Richard Houck+15752534428
J. E & Laveeta Knight+15752534431

Companies’ phone numbers +1-575-253-YYYY

Church Of Christ+15752534209
Police Dept Melrose+15752534220
Tin Barn Bbq+15752534227
Silver Buckle Horse Ranch+15752534234
Melrose Vegetable & Fruit Market+15752534236
Melrose Grain & Elevator Co+15752534246
New Mexico Bank & Trust+15752534263
Elementary Melrose+15752534266
High School Melrose+15752534267
Melrose Supt Office+15752534269
City Hall Melrose+15752534274
De Aun Willoughby, CPA+15752534313
County Road Barn Melrose+15752534321
Melrose Swimming Pool+15752534352
Pinnell Cattle Co Inc+15752534402
First Baptist Church+15752534403
City Of Melrose+15752534417
Hollaway & Sons+15752534420
Department Fire+15752534424
D. Bigler+15752534430
Southwest Construction Co Inc+15752534443
Yucca Telecom+15752534453
American Heritage Bank+15752534500
Kevin Bushart+15752534507
First United Methodist Church+15752534508
Fouts Ronny Cpa+15752534554
Dick Devaney+15752534557
Hill Ranch Camp Fax+15752534571
Ernest Riley+15752534619
Allsup's #246+15752534622
Fouts Ronny Cpa+15752534633
Church Of Christ Parsonage+15752534651
Allsups Convenience Store #246+15752534701
Leavitt Group Sw+15752534763


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said they were an arbitration company. When I didn't know the person named they hung up on me.