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Database of North America’s
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Phone prefix +1-575372

Phone prefix: +1575372
This prefix is distributed within the state New Mexico
The largest city within this prefix is Melrose, NM
District: Not defined
The largest organization: E.n.m.r. Telephone Cooperative
Phone numbers of the state New Mexico
Time Zone: Mountain
Winter time: UTC-7
Summer time: UTC-6
The largest city within the prefix of +1-575372.... numbers is shown below Melrose, NM.

Subscribers’ phone numbers +1-575-372-YYYY

Theodore & Annette Smythe2066 State Rd 268+15753720022Melrose, NM 88124
Jacque & Brett Valentine2157 Curry Rd Al+15753722148Melrose, NM 88124
Sheila Roberts2170 Cr Ac+15753722221Weber City, NM 88124
Derrell & Karen Franklin2122 Curry Rd N Melrose+15753725505Weber City, NM 88124
Robert Sandquist2831 Sr 260+15753726042Weber City, NM 88124
B. S Miller3150 S R 311+15753726049Weber City, NM 88124
Jason Evans1964 State Rd 224+15753726050Weber City, NM 88124
Lola Mae Coffey3911 State Rd 89 Melrose+15753726052Weber City, NM 88124
Paul L. Adams2701 A Curry Rd An+15753726056Weber City, NM 88124
Clay Beasley2440 Curry Rd 27+15753726062Weber City, NM 88124
H. D Donham2498 Curry Rd Al Melrose+15753726095Weber City, NM 88124
Marshall Bradley200 Sr 224 St Vrains+15753726121Weber City, NM 88124
Dwight Parker4075 State Rd 312+15753726141Weber City, NM 88124
Joe ReedSt Vrain+15753726222Weber City, NM 88124
Ted Roberts2440 Cr Ad+15753726262Weber City, NM 88124
Tommy Hamar2849 Cr 23+15753726303Melrose, NM 88124
Bill Roberts2876 Curry Rd Ave+15753726323Weber City, NM 88124
Stanley Vibbard2831 Sr 268+15753726331Melrose, NM 88124
Gayle Nash2770 Cr Ab+15753726361Weber City, NM 88124
Martha H. Richardson2300 C R W+15753726522Weber City, NM 88124
David Teel+15753726572Weber City, NM 88124
Maurine Gibbs2139 State Rd 224+15753726581Weber City, NM 88124
B. S Miller3150 S R 311+15753726611Weber City, NM 88124
Steve Scott+15753726642Weber City, NM 88124
Cliff Skiles2300 Cr W+15753726666Weber City, NM 88124
Dwain Rush+15753726701Weber City, NM 88124
Lon Sultemeier2026 Cr Am+15753726733Weber City, NM 88124
Larry Moberly2445 Sr 224+15753726744Melrose, NM 88124
Rex RushCra H 2880+15753726761Weber City, NM 88124
Clyde Gunnels3025 Curry Rd 27+15753726781Weber City, NM 88124
J. A Willoughby+15753726813Weber City, NM 88124
Bryan Kos+15753726821Weber City, NM 88124
Larry D. Davis2621 Curry Rd 27+15753726891Weber City, NM 88124
Ernesto Guiterrez+15753726924Weber City, NM 88124
Cliff Skiles2300 Cr W+15753727776Weber City, NM 88124
Cliff Skiles2300 Cr W+15753727777Weber City, NM 88124

Companies’ phone numbers +1-575-372-YYYY

2560 S R 224Weber City, NM 88124Vol Fire Dept Fields2560 S R 224+15753726151
3251 Cr 23Melrose, NM 88124Smith Donald F & Vicky3251 Cr 23+15753726623
E Of FldsWeber City, NM 88124Lee Ross HammondE Of Flds+15753726666
2880 Cr AhWeber City, NM 88124Kera Corporation2880 Cr Ah+15753726761


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