Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Subscriber with the number +18886805719

Subscriber’s full name:
- Not defined
Residence city/town:
- Not defined
Residence address:
- Not defined

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   Call from the US mobile number to Russia:
  +7 - (city code/operator code) - (phone number)
   Call from the US local number to Russia:
  011-7 - (city code/operator code) - (phone number)
   Call from Russian mobile number to the USA:
  +18886805719 , +1-888-6805719 , +1-888-680-5719
   Call from Russian local number to the USA:
  8 - ( beep ) - 10 - 1 - 8886805719*
   Call from Russian office number to the USA:
  9 - 8 - ( beep ) - 10 - 1 - 8886805719*
* 8 - ( beep ) - 10 can be replaced by +7 - ( beep ) - 10
810 - code for international calls when calling from Russia
011 - code for international calls when calling from the USA

QR-code is represented below.

  VERSION: 3.0
  FN: Not defined
  TEL: +18886805719
  NOTE: Database of the US phone numbers
 Author: Anonymous
 Date: 11.03.2018 23:51:54
Appears as the number to call for a fake virus alert that locks the browser to it.My guess, its a number that auto bills you big $$$ if you call it. A minuscule fraction of those fooled makes them thousands or even millions of dollars.
 Author: Mike
 Date: 16.03.2018 11:43:51
Similar to what the anonymous user comment is, don't understand the autobill part. Thick, East Indian accent that talks fast. Claims he's Microsoft but doesn't know what "Microsoft Edge" is. Gives you prices to extend Firewall service up to lifetime.
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do not answer, scam, pretending they are from microsoft and they want remote access to your computer to fix some bugs

Bittu kumar

Barh station bazeepur road marriage hall ke pass may he home Mobile number 9113377641


CRA scam!!!
It was an automatic message: "you are owning debt to CRA. Call back at this number otherwise you will get arrest." Scammer!!